Dr Samuel Kaldas

Director of Research and Lecturer in Philosophy & Theology, St Cyril's Coptic Orthodox Theological College
BA (Honours) in Philosophy (USyd), Grad Cert. in Orthodox Theology (SAGOTC), PhD in Early Modern Philosophy of Religion (USyd)

Dr Samuel Kaldas is Director of Research & Community Engagement at St Cyril’s. He has completed a BA majoring in philosophy and ancient history, with an Honours thesis on the moral psychology of early modern philosopher of religion Ralph Cudworth, who was also the subject of PhD. His research interests range over a wide set of questions about the interface between Orthodox theology and philosophy (both ancient and modern), including questions about religious knowledge, the existence of God, the problem of evil, philosophy of education and the philosophy of liturgy. He also has an enduring research interest in the culture and theology of “service” in 20th century Coptic thought, particularly in figures like St Habib Girgis, Fr Bishoy Kamel and Fr Yousef Asaad. He is the translator of Bishop Epiphanius, So Great a Salvation: Biblical Meditations of a Contemporary Desert Father (Cairo: St Macarius Press, 2019).



2019 So Great a Salvation: Biblical Meditations of a Contemporary Desert Father
By Anba Epiphanius, (Translators) Samuel Kaldas and Ramza Bassilious, Cairo: St Macarius Press (July 3, 2019)

Book Chapters and Refereed Articles

2019 Reason, Sentiment and Autonomy in the Moral Philosophy of Ralph Cudworth
in History of Philosophy Quarterly, 2019 Vol 36, 161–179
2019 A "Strange New Philosophy" of Forgiveness: Insights from St John Chrysostom on Forgiving the Unrepentant
In St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, 2019 Vol 63, 261–276

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