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Be part of the Sydney College of Divinity community. Connect with us through Facebook, learn more about what’s happening, and how you can participate in our conferences and annual lectures.

Contribute to the work of the Sydney College of Divinity with a monetary donation made regularly or as a one off.

Be a part of our vibrant research culture by joining as a friend (or member) of the Centre of Gospels and Acts Research. You can also publish with us.

You can contact us if you are visiting Sydney and want to explore speaking opportunities with us.

The Sydney College of Divinity also welcomes the admission of new Member Institutions who embrace our aims, ethos, and educational philosophy. If you are interested in joining the Sydney College of Divinity as a Member Institution you can contact the Office of the Dean. We are about building the SCD and the wider Christian community, so get in touch with us to start a conversation.

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