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+61 (07) 3206 4177
40 Woodlands Drive, Thornlands Queensland 4164 Australia

Nazarene Theological College (NTC) is a Member Institution of the Sydney College of Divinity. It delivers the listed Sydney College of Divinity undergraduate and postgraduate coursework awards.

Nazarene Theological College is a community of scholars who seek to advance the work of God in the world through sound research, participation in scholarly dialogue, and effective teaching that encourages a Christian perspective of truth and life.

NTC offers an education informed by the Wesleyan tradition, while being fully aware of, and committed to, the richness of the Christian heritage with its diversity of understandings. It encourages critical and creative thinking that fosters integration of faith, theory and practice. The educational philosophy of Nazarene Theological College is predicated upon the conviction that there is no contradiction between the best in education and the highest in spiritual development. Consequently, NTC is committed to offering a quality education which emphasises application in various Christian ministries in a way that is faithful to our ecclesiastical tradition.

Campus Locations

Australia: 40 Woodlands Drive, Thornlands Queensland 4164

New Zealand: 533 Great South Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025

Study Mode Online
Study Terms

Trimester 1: 6 February 2023 - 30 April 2023. Census Date: 6 March 2023
Trimester 2: 15 May 2023 - 6 August 2023. Census Date: 9 June 2023
Trimester 3: 21 August 2023 - 12 November 2023. Census Date: 8 September 2023

Fees Undergraduate | AUD$1,850 per unit
Postgraduate coursework | AUD$2,075 per unit
Fees listed are for one standard 9 credit point unit.
Fees may vary for research and other non standard units.
Fees are for 2023.
FEE-HELP is available for eligible students
Registrar Mrs Pam Reed
Contact the Registrar for admission, study and student support enquiries

Units Offered


  • A7112 Biblical Hebrew I
  • A7212 Biblical Hebrew II
  • B7150 Introduction to the New Testament
  • B7203 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • B7212 Pentateuch
  • B7231 Prophetic Literature
  • B7260 Pauline Literature
  • B7280 The Four Gospels in Context
  • B7281 Pauline Literature in Context
  • B7283 Biblical Hermeneutics in Context
  • B7284 Pentateuch in Context
  • C7100 Introduction to Pastoral Counselling
  • E7100 Sources and Principles of Christian Ethics
  • M7227 Introduction to Intercultural Mission
  • M7240 Christian Perspectives on World Religions
  • M7280 Introduction to Intercultural Mission in Context
  • P7140 Introduction to Christian Education
  • P7148 Principles and Practice of Christian Worship
  • P7150 Introduction to Pastoral Preaching
  • P7181 Introduction to Christian Education in Context
  • P7233 Church Planting Through Neighbourhood Engagement
  • P7260 Personal Growth for Ministry
  • P7271 Supervised Ministry I
  • P7272 Supervised Ministry II
  • P7281 Denominational Church Movements in Context
  • P7284 Personal Growth for Ministry in Context
  • P7286 Church Planting in Context
  • T7105 Introduction to Christian Doctrines
  • T7185 Christian Doctrines in Context
  • T7210 The Person and Work of Christ
  • T7215 Spirit and Church
  • T7231 The Sacraments
  • T7280 The Person and Work of Christ in Context
  • T7283 The Self-Revealing God in Context
  • T7285 Spirit and Church in Context
  • T7288 Doctrine of Sanctification in Context
  • X7192 Studies in [Topic]
  • X7293 Seminar in [Topic]
  • X7295 Minor Independent Guided Study
  • X7298 Minor Research Project


  • A8112 Biblical Hebrew I
  • A8113 Biblical Hebrew II
  • A9212 Biblical Hebrew II
  • B8150 Introduction to the New Testament
  • B9203 Hermeneutics of the Bible
  • B9212 Interpreting the Pentateuch
  • B9231 Interpreting the Prophets of Israel
  • B9260 Pauline Literature and Theology
  • C8102 Pastoral Counselling in Ministry
  • C8127 Professional Chaplaincy
  • E8100 Principles of Christian Ethics
  • M9227 Intercultural Communication
  • M9240 World Religions in Christian Perspective
  • P8101 Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology
  • P8140 Foundations of Christian Education
  • P8148 Foundations of Christian Worship
  • P8150 Foundations of Pastoral Preaching
  • P8171 Theory and Practice of Ministry 1
  • P9233 Church Planting Through Community Engagement
  • P9260 Personal Growth for Leadership
  • P9272 Theory and Practice of Ministry II
  • T8105 Basic Christian Doctrines
  • T9210 Christology and Soteriology
  • T9215 Pneumatology and Ecclesiology
  • T9231 Theology of Sacraments
  • X8190 Research Methodology
  • X8193 Seminar in [Topic]
  • X8195 Studies in [Topic]
  • X9293 Minor Independent Guided Study
  • X9296 Minor Research Project
  • X9297 Major Research Project
  • X9298 Minor Research Essay
  • X9299 Major Research Essay


The below units delivered at NTC provide an opportunity for students to explore an area within a discipline or subdiscipline that is not available elsewhere in the curriculum.

  • B7291  Issues in Biblical Studies
  • T7291  ISS: Human Identity
  • T7292  ISS: Theology of Work and Vocation
  • B9291 Issues in Biblical Studies
  • C8192  ISS: School Chaplaincy
  • T8192  ISS: Theology of Work and Vocation
  • T9291  ISS: Human Identity


In a climate of disciplined study, we seek to be people who pursue truth through Christian faith, academic excellence, service to humanity and life-long learning
Dr. Rob A. Fringer
Principal and Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Biblical Language

John D. Fulton Library

Librarian Ms Andrée Pursey
Phone +61 (07) 3206 4177
Opening Hours During academic semester:
Monday to Thursday | 8.30am - 5.00pm
Friday | 8.30am - 4.00pm
Closed on weekends and public holidays.
Contact the office for library hours during term breaks.
Address 40 Woodlands Drive, Thornlands, Queensland 4164 Australia

The John D. Fulton Library is a vital part of Nazarene Theological College, providing resources for theological study and research. The library contains approximately 35,000 volumes, 65 academic journal titles, audio-visual kits, videos, and access to the Religion & Philosophy Collection and eBook Collection. The focus is to provide quality resources to support NTC’s curriculum, with a special emphasis on works by John and Charles Wesley and Wesleyanism. The library also houses a growing collection of Christian education materials and worship resources, including most of the current materials from the Nazarene Publishing House. The archives of the Church of the Nazarene in Australia are stored here and may be viewed by appointment. The Wesley materials, rare books and Nazarene archive materials are housed in the MacPherson Rare Book and Archive Room.

The specialist collection in Biblical Studies, Evangelical Theology, Wesleyan and Holiness Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Wesley Studies and its vast holdings is available to Sydney College of Divinity students and staff, NTC’s associate members and registered library members.

International Students

NTC welcomes students from around the world for entry into the following Sydney College of Divinity awards

  • Diploma of Christian Studies (CRICOS Code 071257J)
  • Associates Degree of Christian Thought and Practice (CRICOS Code 071256K)
  • Bachelor of Theology (CRICOS Code 063703C)
  • Bachelor of Theology (Honours) (CRICOS Code 063704B)
  • Bachelor of Ministry (CRICOS Code 082719D)
  • Bachelor of Ministry (Honours) (CRICOS Code 082720M)
  • Graduate Certificate of Arts (CRICOS Code 082669J)
  • Graduate Diploma in Arts (CRICOS Code 063707K)
  • Master of Arts (CRICOS Code 063708J)
  • Master of Divinity (CRICOS Code 063710D)
  • Master of Theology (CRICOS Code 063709G)

International students on an Australia student visa are required to study full-time (with at least two-thirds face-to-face) and can enrol to study at the NTC Australian campus at Brisbane.

Choosing NTC

Nazarene Theological College was established in 1953 by the Church of the Nazarene, an evangelical denomination in the Wesleyan tradition. It is one of fifty-two tertiary level institutions worldwide operated by the church, serving both its own denomination and students from other Christian traditions. Its major focus is to prepare men and women for the challenges of Christian ministry (both ordained and lay) in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the world. NTC fosters within the students a passion to make a difference in the church and community through involvement in mission, discipleship and pastoral care.

At NTC there are many options for study, whatever your educational background or academic goals. NTC strives to provide quality theological education and offer maximum flexibility in all of their courses. International students are also fully catered for through their partnership with the New-Horizons School of English (NSE). Students who would like to come and study in Australia but have hesitated due to a language barrier, can combine an English language course with their NTC study and learn theology and English at the same time.

This page provides basic information about NTC and the Sydney College of Divinity awards and units it offers. If you are interested in pursuing a Sydney College of Divinity award with NTC you are advised to contact NTC directly.

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