Nazarene Theological College

Nazarene Theological College is a community of scholars who seek to advance the work of God in the world through sound research, participation in scholarly dialogue, and effective teaching that encourages a Christian perspective of truth and life.

It offers an education informed by the Wesleyan tradition, while being fully aware of, and committed to, the richness of the Christian heritage with its diversity of understandings. It encourages critical and creative thinking that fosters integration of faith, theory and practice.

Delivery mode :
  • Remotely: through the use of high quality, reliable video-conferencing software and equipment, NTC students can study from their homes or partner institutions around the world;
  • On Campus: including residential accommodation facilities, for those students living in Brisbane to gain one-on-one access to our resources such as the library and faculty
  • Part Time: allowing for students with employment and family commitments to still complete or further their theological study and gain qualifications;
  • Full Time: providing opportunity for intensive study to be completed in a shorter timeframe.

Brisbane – 40 Woodlands Dr, Thornlands QLD 4164

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Apply to study using the online forms available here or contact Aaron Park, Registrar, Email [email protected]


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