We invest in the development of the whole person with our holistic approach: developing head, heart and hands to engage students in a truly life-changing experience

Australian College of Ministries

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Level 1, 3 Rider Boulevard, Rhodes, NSW 2138 Australia

The Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) is a Member Institution of the Sydney College of Divinity. It delivers the listed Sydney College of Divinity undergraduate and postgraduate coursework awards.

ACOM was originally birthed as a campus-­based residential college over seventy-five years ago (1942) as the Churches of Christ in NSW Theological College (NSW). The college merged with Kenmore Christian College (Queensland) in 1999 to form The Australian College of Ministries.

ACOM is an international provider of life changing, ministry training experiences. ACOM specialises in flexible delivery, with its hybrid of distance learning experience mixed with targeted face-to-face student support through Formation Groups and Subject Facilitations.

For 20 years ACOM has been a leader in innovative and flexible online learning. Their approach is holistic: developing head, heart and hands to engage students in a truly life-changing experience. The college strives to produce graduates who are well prepared- not only smart enough to understand their world, but also skilled enough to shape their world. ACOM combines theory and practice in a learning adventure tailored to develop students’ intellectual knowledge, practical skills and spiritual awareness. The College has developed a national and international reputation for excellence and innovation. ACOM has produced thousands of graduates serving as ministers, evangelists, lay leaders, welfare workers, teachers, missionaries and church planters.

ACOM is currently Sponsored by Churches of Christ in NSW (CofCNSW) and the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Australia (C&MA). The sponsorship enables ACOM to pursue its mission and partner with initiatives such as: The Tops Conference Centre, Navigate Programs, Fresh Hope Care and the Alliance Institute for Mission who offer specific mission training courses; supporting the development and training for cross-cultural ministry.


Study Mode Online
Study Terms Trimester 1 | 18 February - 27 May 2019
Trimester 2 | 12 May - 18 August 2019
Trimester 3 | 2 September - 24 November 2019
Fees Diploma awards | AUD$1490 per unit
Bachelor awards | AUD$1990 per unit
Postgraduate coursework awards | AUD$2490 per unit
Rates are for 9 credit point units.
Fees vary for spiritual formation and research units.
FEE-HELP is available for eligible students
Registrar Mr Benjamin Lee
[email protected]
Contact the Registrar for admission, study and student support enquiries

Units Offered


  • A5001 Introduction to Critical Thinking and Writing
  • A7110 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
  • A7130 Introduction to Biblical Languages
  • A7160 Biblical Hebrew
  • B5020 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • B7120 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • B7130 Introduction to the New Testament
  • B7214 Pentateuch
  • B7231 Prophetic Literature
  • C7341 Becoming a Chaplain
  • C7365 Working with Trauma and Grief
  • E7100 Sources and Principles of Christian Ethics
  • E7346 Marriage, Family and Sexual Ethics
  • H5000 Introduction to Christian History
  • H7100 Introduction to the Study of Christian History
  • H7382 Australian Catholics: Their Story
  • H7383 New Zealand Catholics: Their Story
  • L5010 Introduction to Christian Worship
  • L5020 Introduction to Preaching
  • L7100 Introduction to Christian Worship
  • L7220 Introduction to Preaching
  • L7320 Preaching and Context
  • M7285 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Mission
  • P5001 Introduction to Personal Formation
  • P5011 Introduction to Youth Ministry
  • P5013 Pastoral Ministry in Context
  • P5017 Children’s Ministry
  • P5082 Supervised Ministry 1
  • P5083 Supervised Ministry 2
  • P7101 Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry
  • P7111 Introduction to Youth Ministry
  • P7261 Principles of Pastoral Leadership
  • P7271 Supervised Ministry 1
  • P7272 Pastoral Ministry in Context
  • P7274 Team Ministry Skills
  • P7327 Youth Ministry and Personal Growth
  • P7367 Crisis and Conflict Management in Ministry
  • S7101 Formation in Spiritual Living
  • S7102 Introduction to Christian Spirituality
  • S7201 Relational Dynamics in Spiritual Formation
  • S7301 Spiritual Formation For Ministry
  • T5005 Introduction to Christian Doctrines
  • T5031 The Person and Work of Jesus Christ
  • T7101 Introduction to Theology
  • T7105 Introduction to Christian Doctrines
  • T7217 The Church
  • T7231 The Person and Work of Christ
  • T7333 The Trinity
  • Β5032 Synoptic Gospels
  • Β7273 The Four Gospels


  • A8530 Introduction to Biblical Languages
  • B8520 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • B8530 Introduction to the New Testament
  • B9603 Interpretation of the Bible
  • C8525 Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) & Positive Psychology (PP)
  • C8565 Pastoral Counselling: Grief, Loss and Trauma
  • C9641 Professional Chaplaincy
  • H8501 Introduction to the Study of Christian History
  • L8501 Introducing Christian Worship
  • L8520 Foundations of Preaching
  • M8509 Framework for Discipleship
  • M8510 Evangelising Mission Today
  • M9685 Cross-Cultural Mission
  • P8501 Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology
  • P8502 Foundations of Ethical Professional Practice
  • P8561 Developing Leaders through Mentoring
  • P8582 Theory and Practice of Ministry 1
  • P8584 Non-Profit Governance for Ministry
  • P9661 Managing Crisis and Conflict in Ministry
  • P9667 Personal Growth for Leadership
  • S8501 Formation in Christian Leadership
  • S8502 Christian Spirituality
  • S9601 Relational Health in Spiritual Formation
  • S9661 Spiritual Mentoring
  • T8501 Introducing Theology
  • T8531 Christology and Soteriology
Jesus didn’t hide his disciples in a Bible school in Galilee. He taught them in their world – on the road. He trained them in the realities of life with real people. At ACOM we do the same. We keep you in mission.
Dr Stephen Smith
Principal and Chief Executive Officer

ACOM Library

Contact Ms Edwina Blair
Email [email protected]
Phone +61 (02) 8573 6006

As a leader in flexible online learning Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) has a digital library with thousands of specialist books, articles and journals available to students through their copyright licensing arrangements. Useful for both research and personal study, students have access to over 20,000 e-books and more than 800 journals in Bible, leadership, pastoral care and theology. Materials can be accessed on any device, at any time through a comprehensive search engine. The resources include Religion & Philosophy Collection, ATLA Religion Database (ATLA RDB) with ATLASerial, (ATLAS), eBook Collection, Religion Collection, and eBook Business Collection.

ACOM also has library agreements with Ridley College Library, Churches of Christ Theological College, and Wesley Mission and Wesley Institute for Ministry and the Arts, providing ACOM students access to library facilities (like study spaces) and additional resources.


ACOM offers the following distinctive strengths:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Tailored Learning Experience
  • Mission Focused
  • Digital Technology
  • In-Action Learning
  • Empowered Learning Methods
  • Personalised Support
  • Excellence
  • Community
  • Job Ready

Whether you are just starting out or have been involved in ministry and leadership for some time, studying with ACOM offers a flexible and accessible way to take the next step in ministry development. With 20 years of experience in distance learning, ACOM is an industry leader in engaging digital technologies to deliver highly engaging, personalised, and powerful learning experiences for students through digital technology, while still ensuring that they foster the human experience of learning.

This page provides basic information about ACOM and the Sydney College of Divinity awards and units it offers. If you are interested in pursuing a Sydney College of Divinity award with ACOM you are advised to contact ACOM directly for up to date information to help you make an informed choice.


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