Member Institutions & Teaching Bodies

The Sydney College of Divinity is a consortium made up of eight Member Institutions which are the owners of SCD. It began in 1983 as a consortium of theological colleges in Sydney but now provides theological education across Australia, in New Zealand, and by distance across the world.

Teaching Bodies

The Teaching Bodies of SCD are where teaching and learning theology takes place. Each of the Member Institutions of SCD is a Teaching Body and the SCD consortium also directly operates two further Teaching Bodies: the Korean School of Theology and the SCD Graduate Research School.

Our Teaching Bodies offer courses from the shared curriculum in line with their church traditions and ethos, while all work together through our academic governance to ensure the academic integrity of the degree programs.

Teaching is conducted in English, except in the Korean School of Theology which teaches in Korean.

New Member Institutions

The Sydney College of Divinity welcomes the admission of new Member Institutions who embrace our aims, ethos and educational philosophy.

Current Teaching Bodies