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Professor Jim Harrison
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Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) Research candidates have access to any SCD Member Institution (MI) library, including its books, journals, and electronic resources. MIs have research-trained staff not only to deliver the programs of study for which they are accredited and but to also support research-led teaching in Higher Education.

Full-time and part-time candidates are provided AUD$500 and AUD$250 per semester respectively to spend

  • on library purchases at their nominated SCD MI library, or
  • on personal book purchases, if they do not wish to belong to a SCD MI library, as they have sufficient access to other libraries, or
  • on library membership at another library (e.g. nearby university or theology college) if that is more convenient.

Candidates also have access to borrowing rights at Macquarie University. However, that does not apply to the use of the library’s electronic resources and interlibrary loan. Membership has to be renewed each year, subject to the candidate being enrolled and in good standing with Macquarie University library and the SCD MI library.

Each research degree candidate will be asked to nominate as a home library one of the Sydney College of Divinity libraries, typically but not necessarily the library of the Institution in which the supervisor is based. This enables the Sydney College of Divinity, in consultation with the supervisor and candidate, to build up research resources in the topic area of the candidate using a Research Degree Library Resources Grant to the library from the Sydney College of Divinity. The grant is made to the nominated library each semester in which the candidate is enrolled.

Where the candidate normally resides abroad or in an Australian location remote from the libraries of the Sydney College of Divinity, the candidate will nevertheless make use of the Sydney College of Divinity libraries through electronic access, interlibrary loans, and personal use during visits to Sydney or to the location of other Sydney College of Divinity libraries. The Sydney College of Divinity will assess such a candidate’s probable library needs at the time of enrolment and periodically, and may advise or negotiate use of a suitable university or college library elsewhere on behalf of the candidate. The Sydney College of Divinity will ensure adequate library access for all its students.

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