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The optimists amongst us might say that collaboration in educational research halves the workload and doubles the data. The realists might still groan about the extra work!

This area of the Forum is where an educator can describe a new or ongoing project in which they would like others to join them. To share the load, widen the evidence-base, and share the joys of discovering good things in the results. Send in a brief description of your project and what you are hoping to explore, along with your invitation for others to join you to Assoc Prof Peter Bolt

Projects you can work on

Assessment in Theological Education

9 September, 2020

The 2021 LATT Conference seeks to ask, how does best-practice assessment help to shape the theological graduate for their future vocation? You are invited to use 2020 to research in this area, and possibly present the results of your research at the conference.

Collaborating about Capstone Learning

7 September, 2020

This collaborative educational experiment is designed around the implementation of a capstone unit in which three cross-discipline faculty (e.g. Bible, Theology and Pastoral Practice) engage with the student. The experiment would draw conclusions from the differences in student and faculty experience across the two methods.


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