The SCD Learning & Teaching Theology Conferences

The stimulus for the first conference came from faculty member Les Ball's 2012 book, Transforming Theology: Student Experience and Transformative Learning in Undergraduate Theological Education (Preston, Vic.: Mosaic, 2012).  Now the Learning and Teaching Theology Conferences are a regular SCD event.


5-6 April 2019:  God’s Exemplary Graduates. Institutional Graduate Attributes

28-29 April 2017:  Wondering about God together. Research-led learning and teaching.

Papers published as: L. Ball & P.G. Bolt (eds.), Wondering About God Together. Research-Led Learning & Teaching (Macquarie Park, NSW: SCD Press, 2018). Purchase from the SCD Press Shop

19-20 September 2014:  Teaching Theology in a Technological Age

Papers published as:  Y. Debergue & J.R. Harrison (eds.), Teaching Theology in a Technological Age (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015).

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Tracking God’s Digital Footprint (Yvette Debergue & James R. Harrison)

Developing Scenario Learning to Theological Education (James Dalziel)

Tweeting God: A Practical Theological Tracing of Christian Expressions of Faith on Twitter (Jan Albert van den Berg)

The Challenge of Virtual Community: Benefits and Deficits (Michael Jensen)

Opposing the Virtual World of Late-Capitalism: A Biblical Theology of Education (Robert Tilley)

Developing Personal Resilience in a Dangerous Virtual World: Historical, Social, Biblical and Theological Perspectives (James R. Harrison)

Challenges to Learning in the Age of the Internet (Charles de Jongh)

Integrating Realities: From Symbolic Worlds to Lived-Through Reality (Andre van Oudtshoorn)

On the Frontiers of Change: Designing Bespoke Learning Architecture (Stephen Smith & Stephen Healey)

Salmon Fishing in Christian Settings (David Morgan)

Visualisation in Theological Education A Taxonomy of Purposes, Tools and Possibilities for Visual Representation for the Non-Specialist (Andrew J. Brown)

Teaching Church History in the Age of Film (Yvette Debergue)

Curriculum as Software: A Digital-Based Approach (Jong Soo Park)

Learning Design for Formational Learning in Non-Campus-Based Learning Contexts (Diane Hockridge)

“How Little We Know”– Teaching Online Spirituality, Practices and Values in a Technological Age (Peter Mudge)

The Rhizomatic and Narrative Basis of Practical Student Learning When Teaching Online Spirituality (Peter Mudge)

Can ICT Preserve the Future of Ancient Greek Learning? (David Gormley-O’Brien)

Speaking Carefully in the Presence of Our Students: Engendering Trust and Care in the (Online) Theology Classroom (Daniel J. Fleming)

Teaching Theology Online in Class (John Mark Capper)

Real Presence in Theological Education: E-Media and “Presence” in Distance Learning (Tim Bulkeley)

27-28 September 2013:  Learning & Teaching Theology. Some Ways Ahead

Papers published as: L.Ball & J.R. Harrison (eds.), Learning & Teaching Theology. Some Ways Ahead (Northcote, Vic: Morning Star, 2014).

Photo of book coverContents:

Introduction (Les Ball)

Where Are We Going? (Les Ball)

Higher Education in the Pauline Churches (E.A. Judge)

Paul and the Ancient Gymnasium (James R. Harrison)

Paul as Theological Educator (Robert Banks)

An Analysis of “Soul” as the Central Construct in Dirkx’s and Ruether’s Transformative Learning Theory (Neil Holm)

Leaving Home (Dan Fleming & Peter Mudge)

Assessing Integrative Learning and Readiness for Ministry (Nancy Ault)

The Contribution of Theories of Multiple Intelligences to the Promotion of Deep Learning through the Assessment of Learning (Charles de Jongh)

Addressing the Need for Better Integration in Theological Education (Richard Hibbert & Evelyn Hibbert)

Responding to Complexity (Stephen Smith & Leon O’Flynn)

Making the Implicit Explicit (Diane Hockridge)

Theology for the iGeneration (Kara Martin)

Video Game Design and the Theological Classroom (Isaac Soon)

Embodiment and Transformation in the Context of e-Learning (Steve Taylor)

A Practical Approach for Teaching Foundational Theology (Denise Goodwin)

Transformative Learning in Church History (Tim Cooper)

Cross-cultural Mission as a Transformative Learning Experience (Murray House)

From Place to Place (Darren Cronshaw & Andrew Menzies)

Chinese Theological Education in Australia (Felix Chung)

Nungalinya College – Empowering Indigenous Christians (Jude Long)