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Sydney College of Divinity Learning and Teaching Theology (LATT) Conferences are a biennial event. The conferences held to date are

  • Assessment in Theological Education 23 – 24 April 2021
  • God’s Exemplary Graduates. Institutional Graduate Attributes 5-6 April 2019
  • Wondering about God together. Research-led learning and teaching 28-29 April 2017
  • Teaching Theology in a Technological Age 19-20 September 2014
  • Learning & Teaching Theology. Some Ways Ahead 27-28 September 2013

The papers presented at the conferences are published. Since 2017, SCD Press publishes the conference proceedings and the books can be purchased online.

Teaching Theology in a Technological Age
19-20 September 2014

Papers published as:  Y. Debergue & J.R. Harrison (eds.), Teaching Theology in a Technological Age (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015).

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Available online with Cambridge Scholars Publishing


  • Tracking God’s Digital Footprint (Yvette Debergue & James R. Harrison)
  • Developing Scenario Learning to Theological Education (James Dalziel)
  • Tweeting God: A Practical Theological Tracing of Christian Expressions of Faith on Twitter (Jan Albert van den Berg)
  • The Challenge of Virtual Community: Benefits and Deficits (Michael Jensen)
  • Opposing the Virtual World of Late-Capitalism: A Biblical Theology of Education (Robert Tilley)
  • Developing Personal Resilience in a Dangerous Virtual World: Historical, Social, Biblical and Theological Perspectives (James R. Harrison)
  • Challenges to Learning in the Age of the Internet (Charles de Jongh)
  • Integrating Realities: From Symbolic Worlds to Lived-Through Reality (Andre van Oudtshoorn)
  • On the Frontiers of Change: Designing Bespoke Learning Architecture (Stephen Smith & Stephen Healey)
  • Salmon Fishing in Christian Settings (David Morgan)
  • Visualisation in Theological Education A Taxonomy of Purposes, Tools and Possibilities for Visual Representation for the Non-Specialist (Andrew J. Brown)
  • Teaching Church History in the Age of Film (Yvette Debergue)
  • Curriculum as Software: A Digital-Based Approach (Jong Soo Park)
  • Learning Design for Formational Learning in Non-Campus-Based Learning Contexts (Diane Hockridge)
  • “How Little We Know”– Teaching Online Spirituality, Practices and Values in a Technological Age (Peter Mudge)
  • The Rhizomatic and Narrative Basis of Practical Student Learning When Teaching Online Spirituality (Peter Mudge)
  • Can ICT Preserve the Future of Ancient Greek Learning? (David Gormley-O’Brien)
  • Speaking Carefully in the Presence of Our Students: Engendering Trust and Care in the (Online) Theology Classroom (Daniel J. Fleming)
  • Teaching Theology Online in Class (John Mark Capper)
  • Real Presence in Theological Education: E-Media and “Presence” in Distance Learning (Tim Bulkeley)

The book can be purchased on the Cambridge Scholars Publishing website.

Learning & Teaching Theology Some Ways Ahead
27-28 September 2013

Papers published as: L.Ball & J.R. Harrison (eds.), Learning & Teaching Theology. Some Ways Ahead (Northcote, Vic: Morning Star, 2014).


  • Introduction (Les Ball)
  • Where Are We Going? (Les Ball)
  • Higher Education in the Pauline Churches (E.A. Judge)
  • Paul and the Ancient Gymnasium (James R. Harrison)
  • Paul as Theological Educator (Robert Banks)
  • An Analysis of “Soul” as the Central Construct in Dirkx’s and Ruether’s Transformative Learning Theory (Neil Holm)
  • Leaving Home (Dan Fleming & Peter Mudge)
  • Assessing Integrative Learning and Readiness for Ministry (Nancy Ault)
  • The Contribution of Theories of Multiple Intelligences to the Promotion of Deep Learning through the Assessment of Learning (Charles de Jongh)
  • Addressing the Need for Better Integration in Theological Education (Richard Hibbert & Evelyn Hibbert)
  • Responding to Complexity (Stephen Smith & Leon O’Flynn)
  • Making the Implicit Explicit (Diane Hockridge)
  • Theology for the iGeneration (Kara Martin)
  • Video Game Design and the Theological Classroom (Isaac Soon)
  • Embodiment and Transformation in the Context of e-Learning (Steve Taylor)
  • A Practical Approach for Teaching Foundational Theology (Denise Goodwin)
  • Transformative Learning in Church History (Tim Cooper)
  • Cross-cultural Mission as a Transformative Learning Experience (Murray House)
  • From Place to Place (Darren Cronshaw & Andrew Menzies)
  • Chinese Theological Education in Australia (Felix Chung)
  • Nungalinya College – Empowering Indigenous Christians (Jude Long)

This book can be purchased on the Morning Star Publishing and Acorn Press website.

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