LATT Conference Papers

Assessment is an element of Theological Education that touches upon each of the seven domains of the Higher Education Standards 2015. Papers presented at the 2021 LATT Conference Assessment in Theological Education covered the below domains

  1. Student Participation & Attainment (Domain 1)
  2. Learning Environment (Domain 2)
  3. Student Participation & Attainment & Learning Environment (Domain 1 & 2)
  4. Teaching & Learning (Domain 3)
  5. Institutional Quality Assurance (Domain 5)

The presentations, including plenary sessions by Prof Royce Sadler and Dr Andrew Shead, are available for viewing at a nominal cost per video. SUBMIT A RENT REQUEST FORM or contact SCD at if you want to rent any of the videos either for personal viewing or as a group.

Plenary Sessions

Assessing Change, Changing Assessment: The Elements

Dr Andrew Shead

The paper discusses obstacles to effective assessment; building the graduate through learning tasks; learning responsibility of the learning community; and expanding the learning community.


Assessing Change, Changing Assessment: The System

Dr Andrew Shead

“...basic knowledge & understanding concerns God’s revelation in Scripture, the basic skill must be that of a good pastor able to assist others in their knowledge of God...”


Domain 1

Analysis and Exhortation in Grading Student Papers

Dr Andrew Stewart

The aim of this paper is to set out a series of aims and methods for providing constructive critical feedback, via a marking rubric, which is part of the teaching and learning process.


Leveling the Assessment Playing Field

Dr Rob Fringer & Dr Dean Smith

The paper introduces the NTC chart and guidelines used to address the shift in the student body through a re-evaluation of student assessment tasks.


Domain 1 & 2

A Tale of Two Villages: Writing a Medieval Chronicle

Dr Yvette Debergue

The learning activity engages students in the creation and construction of their own learning through reflecting and changing their understanding of the ways history is still relevant today.


Domain 2

Domain 3

Relearning Research in the Information Age

Ms Emily Southwell

The paper discusses the need to build research skills so that students can effectively learn without being swept away by the seemingly endless data of the Information Age.


Domain 5

Leveraging Student Feedback at ACOM

Ms Edwina Blair

The paper outlines the three phase process that ACOM developed to improve their appraisal and action on all student feedback


The importance of Academic and Research Integrity

Ms Michelle Lee

The paper speaks on the importance of academic & research integrity (Higher Education Standard 5.2) in the assessment process to Christian formation, resilience, and well-being.



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