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Goal 1 of the SCD Learning and Teaching Plan suggests that we will:

Develop strategies for identifying effective and innovative teachers in the SCD and enabling these teachers to share their pedagogical approach and to be appropriately encouraged to continue developing.


Facilitating effective and reflective teaching practice through the implementation of a course of directed, outcomes-based professional development

Dr Dean Smith shares an activity to help move from a rather ad hoc approach to PD, to a coherent and integrated approach that will greatly facilitate the development of effective and reflective practitioners in private theological higher education. Learn More

We invite you to share your experience in theological education for others to learn. You can submit an Educational Experiment and/or a successful Teaching Tactic implemented in your teaching.

Educational Experiment

Your mission: Try a new learning activity in class, just once this semester.

Write it up for others to learn from.

Here is a script:

  • In my class … (name it, along with the level of students)
  • I found … (describe the previous situation, what you were trying to move away from)
  • I tried … (describe the new activity, and what you were hoping for)
  • I noticed … (describe what you observed in the students as they participated in the learning activity)
  • I heard the students say … (report their feedback)
  • Next time, I’ll … (plan to improve it a little more)

Teaching Tactic

Following a regular feature in the journal Teaching Theology & Religion, the Sydney College of Divinity has encouraged its faculty to submit their own examples. Submission can be made online or using this simple outline (maximum one typed page) to describe a successful classroom teaching tactic that could be replicated by other instructors.

Submit Teaching Tactic

Historical Dialogue

17 August, 2020

The teaching tactic from Dr Scott Stargel for unit P9667, allows for an assessment of reading that does not focus on essay writing skills.

Group analysis of texts

22 August, 2018

The teaching tactic by Professor Matthew del Nevo is widely usable, in a class divided into small groups who have done a reading in common, though the subject area is philosophy within Humanities in the Christian Tradition.

Formative quizzes on Moodle

23 July, 2018

The teaching tactic from Dr Merv Duffy is about using Moodle quizzes to encourage students to do the reading and think about what they are reading.

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