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Sydney College of Divinity is committed to quality teaching and learning by providing opportunities that encourage our teaching staff to be effective, innovative, and reflective professionals. We want to use the  Learning and Teaching Theology (LATT) Forum to disseminate resources and ideas in current literature on effective and innovative teaching, and to encourage collaboration with colleagues in researching Learning & Teaching.


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Sydney College of Divinity promotes excellence in learning and teaching theology in a variety of ways. Through this forum and news section we hope to disseminate relevant information to help us all keep abreast of developments and events.


Presbyterian Faith according to the Reformed Catechisms

Dr Jin Heung Kim wrote the book Presbyterian Faith according to the Reformed Catechisms to coincide with the ‘Refo 500’ commemorations in the Presbyterian Church of Korea (Kosin), in order to help the pastors of this church prepare their sermons.


Discussion Forum

We welcome ideas and feedback to build engagement and further develop learning and teaching within the Sydney College of Divinity. The articles under the discussion forum are written by our faculty and colleagues in education and research. Share your comments, experience and thoughts on our message board.



Living Relevance in Theological Curriculum

Assoc Prof Peter Laughlin discusses living relevance as a crucial component to produce graduates who meet the expectations and desired outcomes of institutional stakeholders as well as connect with the ‘now’ of the students.


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