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Welcome to the first post on the Sydney College of Divinity’s new Discussion Forum: ‘Learning & Teaching Theology’.

Since 2017 is the year that the new Higher Education Standards arrive, focusing higher education even more sharply on student learning, it is a fitting year for SCD to continue to stimulate reflection on the theory and practice of theological education, students learning about God.

Although the name and medium is new, the LATT Discussion Forum is the latest iteration in several previous (print) publications from SCD with the same aim. After a newsletter named Connecting got things off to a brief start in 2009, the following year saw the much more substantial SCD Distance and e-Learning News. For about two and a half years and eighteen issues, this newsletter addressed online learning, and provided both theoretical and practical help for theological educators moving their courses online – at that stage, many for the first time. In 2010, the Teaching and Learning Update appeared, to run for nine issues that year. Its focus on the practice of theological education was then picked up by Transforming Teaching in 2013-2014.

The aim of those predecessors and of the new discussion forum, is to promote excellence in theological learning and teaching.

Associate Professor Peter G Bolt
Academic Director

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