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An admission form must be submitted to the college with the requested supporting documentation, otherwise the application could be delayed or disallowed. It is therefore important that prospective students enroling in a course and/or unit contact the Registrar of the college to get the complete list of documents required to be submitted.

Most documents need to be certified, so ensure that get organised in advance. Where required to provide certified documents, you must submit the certified copies of the original documents, not the original documents themselves. The certified copies will be held as a record of the Sydney College of Divinity and cannot be returned to you.

Examples of certified copies required include:

  • award certificates (testamurs)
  • academic transcripts
  • formal identity papers (e.g. your passport).

Documents must be certified by authorised officers only. If you are an authorised officer, you are not permitted to certify your own documents. Documents that have been electronically certified will not be accepted.

Documents in languages other than English will need to be translated.

Most of the documents required are listed below. It is possible that the Sydney College of Divinity may request additional documents if required.

  • Certified copy of passport and other formal identity documents (eg. birth certificate, name change certificate)
  • CV (Curriculum Vitaeand/or a personal statement providing information on who you are, your qualifications, background and why you want to study
  • Evidence of language proficiency
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts and testamurs, in both the original language and English
  • Work reference letter, referee letter, and any other references,  where applicable
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
    If you want to use your prior learning and/or work experience to reduce the number of units you may need to study, then you will have to complete the relevant section on your admission form and include
    –  information on the level of study and structure of the curriculum
    –  details of the unit, subject outline for all the units and subjects studied in your course

Documents submitted for admission is retained by the Sydney College of Divinity and will not be returned to you.

Sydney College of Divinity will take steps to verify that certified documents are authentic. We may contact the issuing institution to verify the authenticity of documents submitted. We may also use the contact details of the authorised officer for this purpose.

Submitting documents that are altered and/or not true is a fraudulent activity and may be referred to the police.

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