International Students

Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) is recognised by the Commonwealth Government as a Higher Education Provider, offering accredited higher education courses in theology and ministry. The College was established in 1983. It is operates as an ecumenical consortium of several Member Institutions approved to teach the awards of the College on its behalf. These range from undergraduate awards and postgraduate coursework awards to higher degrees by research. Many of SCD’s undergraduate and postgraduate coursework awards are taught in Korean as well as English through the SCD Korean School of Theology (KST).

The SCD is the legal entity that offers the courses and is responsible for all regulations relating to the courses of study that it owns. The College is a not-for-profit entity owned by its current Member Institutions. All its awards are either accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) or approved under SCD’s self-accrediting authority, which has, in turn, been granted by TEQSA in recognition of SCD’s quality and performance.

The SCD has a centrally devised and managed curriculum and a quality assurance process that is applied across the whole network of Member Institutions and its two directly managed Schools, the KST and the Graduate Research School (GRS).

The SCD operation is managed by the Office of the Dean, which is in Sydney, and is conducted under SCD’s governance system. The College is governed by a Council with members drawn from college stakeholders and a range of experts from the wider public. The Council delegates governance of all academic matters to the Academic Board, which in turn carries out its work with the assistance of several committees. The Academic Board oversees academic policy and regulation, curriculum development, learning and teaching matters, and all student matters.

The Academic Board and its committees comprise academic leaders from within SCD and some external academics, who extend the range of reference for SCD’s academic developments and quality assurance.

Study Options for International Students:

The SCD welcomes students from overseas to study at those of its Member Institutions that are authorized to accept international student enrolments and its two Schools.

The SCD does not use agents to recruit and/or administer overseas students.

In Australia the SCD is a registered as a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) provider and the legal entity for all courses offered through its Member Institutions and Schools. The CRICOS Provider code is 02948J.

The following are authorized to enrol overseas students:

It is also possible to study online with most of the SCD Member institutions and Schools without living in Australia and without seeking an international student visa. Please see the various websites for this availability.

Information for International Students

Information about the rights and requirements of international students, together with a range of helpful information about studying with SCD and living in Australia, is provided to international students at the time of their first enrolment and may be consulted both before and after enrolment. See:


International students enrolling with the SCD Korean School of Theology should consult the KST website.

For international student enquiries please contact the SCD Academic Registrar or the Registrar of the Member Institution or School where you wish to study (please note that the Registrar for the GRS is the SCD Academic Registrar).

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