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The Sydney College of Divinity offers more than 400 units covering a wide range of area in the disciplines of Biblical Studies, Christian Life and Ministry, Humanities in the Christian Tradition and Theology. Students can study units offered at any of our member colleges whilst enrolled with one college.

Unit code explained

On this website the unit code is a five-figure code as the last digit representing the SCD Member Institution is not listed. On transcripts and elsewhere the Sydney College of Divinity units are assigned a six-figure code according to the system shown in the table below.

2014 and onwards






Sub-Discipline AQF Level Progress Level Content Number Member Institution
Represented by the Sub-Discipline Code*







5 – Diploma

7 – Bachelor

8 – Bachelor Hons,         Graduate Cert/Dip

9 – Masters




1 – Undergraduate Foundational

2 – Undergraduate Intermediate

3 – Undergraduate Advanced

5 – Postgraduate Foundational

6 – Postgraduate Advanced

Indicates content of the unit within the sub-discipline






Represented by the Member Institution Code**

(Note: On this website the unit code does not list the Member Institution)



* Sub-Discipline code

  • A = Humanities
  • B = Biblical Studies
  • C = Pastoral Counselling
  • D = Theological Education
  • E = Christian Ethics
  • H = Church History
  • L = Worship & Liturgy
  • M = Mission
  • P = Pastoral Theology
  • S = Christian Spirituality
  • T = Theology
  • W = Philosophy

** Current Member Institution Code

  • A = St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College
  • B = Nazarene Theological College
  • C = Australian College of Ministries
  • D = St Cyril’s Coptic Orthodox Theological College
  • E = Australian College of Christian Studies
  • H = NSW College of Clinical Pastoral Education
  • S = Catholic Institute of Sydney
  • Y = Korean School of Theology
  • Z = Graduate Research School

For example, the unit code for the Biblical Theology of Mission is T8546.
T – Theology (Sub-Discipline)
8 – AQF Level 8
5 – Foundational Postgraduate course
46 – Content number
The Member Institution code** will be listed last.


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