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Commencing Study

You have been informed by the Registrar of the college that your course admission was successful and you are now ready to commence your program of study. How exciting!

Commencing study is exciting, and your college Support Officer, the Registrar, will continue to be your contact person helping you to transition into higher education study smoothly. Before the start of the first term, there are some learning and administrative things that you need to do to help you commence your study.

Next steps

  • Unit Registration
    You will be required to submit your Unit Registration Form listing the subjects you want to study in the academic year. Choose your units carefully noting the course structure. The Registrar or Dean of the college should be able to guide you if you need advice.


  • Tuition Fees
    Tuition fees are due prior to the commencement of a unit of study. If you withdraw prior to the Census Date the tuition fees are refunded (the college may charge a small administrative fee) and no academic penalty is incurred. If the withdrawal is after the Census Date the tuition fees are not refunded and a fail grade is recorded for the unit.


  • Student ID
    All new students are issued with a photo-identity card, which is to be carried by the student and shown on request. The card should be presented when applying for transport concessions (for domestic students only) and borrowing books from other Sydney College of Divinity libraries (which is not the students enrolled college library). If you lose your identity card you are required to contact your college and complete an application for a new card, and pay the replacement charge where applicable. The number on the card is your Sydney College of Divinity student number and should be quoted on all correspondence with the enrolled College and the Sydney College of Divinity.


  • Get familiar with the college IT systems
    Online study will be delivered through the college’s Learning Management System (LMS). Access to e-books and digital resources will require access to the library systems. As an on-campus student, you may be provided access to the campus WIFI and computers. Speak to the Registrar and librarian and ensure that you are provided access (eg login details) and instructions on how to use the systems.


  • Save important dates
    Make a note of all the key days and save them with reminders. Key dates include orientation, term dates, last date to pay your fees, Census Date, when classes start, when exams are held, when you get results and every other date that is vital to keep your study on track. There may be penalties and repercussions if you miss dates, for eg if you withdraw from a unit after Census Date you will receive a fail on your transcript for the unit and not have your fees refunded.


  • Get started with your learning needs
    Get your reading and book lists. Know your course rules and structure. Be familiar with the Sydney College of Divinity policies. Access Studiosity,  Sydney College of Divinity approved external study and writing skills support service, or any other learning support programs offered, if required. If you have any questions get in touch with the Registrar.


  • Library
    The Sydney College of Divinity Library comprises more than ten libraries. All Sydney College of Divinity students have access to all these libraries and are required to conform to the regulations specific to each library. It is a good time before the start of a term to explore the libraries, see what they offer and know the regulations.


  • Get to know what support you have
    A network of support is made available to our students. This may include counselling, chaplaincy, financial and other support programs and facilities to ensure your well being and safety. Check with your Registrar who is the Student Support Officer and save their details for easy access as the Officer will be your first point of contact for all your needs and concerns. All SCD current students can download the TalkCampus app that provides students mental health support.


  • Orientation
    Attend your orientation day. It is an important day as you will receive key information about your study program, experience tours to familiarize you with the campus and its facilities, including the library, meet faculty, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Get organised and be prepared to start your study. If you have any questions, speak to the Registrar or contact the Sydney College of Divinity office at +61 2 9889 1969.

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