General Regulations



The Academic Board prescribes a Schedule of Units of Study approved as qualifying units for each program. The Schedule of Units of Study specifies for each unit details of the level, the number of credit points, the duration and the conditions which a candidate must satisfy to be eligible to enrol.


A student’s program of study in each year is subject to the approval of the Academic Board of the Teaching Body in which she or he is registered for that year. A program of study consists of units selected from the Schedule of Units of Study. A candidate may be permitted to change the program of study during the year, subject to the approval of the Academic Board of the Teaching Body in which the candidate is registered.


A candidate may not enrol in a unit offered by a Teaching Body unless the conditions for enrolment specified in the Schedule of Units of Study are satisfied or the Academic Board of the Teaching Body providing the unit has granted permission for enrolment.


This is completed each year with the understanding that the student’s enrolment is continuous unless there is a written request for a deferment or leave of absence.

The Sydney College of Divinity does not discriminate on the grounds of race, age, gender, or denomination.  Nevertheless, Teaching Bodies have the right to set legitimate prerequisites for particular courses. (For example, within the traditions represented in the Sydney College of Divinity some courses might demand candidacy for ordination as a prerequisite.)  Teaching Bodies have the right to maintain their cultural and theological stance as part of the ethos of the Sydney College of Divinity.

A student may appeal through the Dean of the Sydney College of Divinity.  For procedures see the Grievance Procedures.

No student may be enrolled concurrently in any other award within the College or that of any other tertiary institution, unless approval has been granted by the Academic Board.  Students may take a limited number of units concurrently in another tertiary institution with the approval of the Academic Board of the Sydney College of Divinity.  Approval will only normally be given where there is no similar unit available within the College and the unit is seen to be a desirable extension of the student’s program of studies.


A Student may only attempt any unit twice.


To complete a unit, a student must have been present for at least 80% of all prescribed activities, regardless of the mode of delivery.

Overseas students must satisfy Australian government progress requirements.


A student may withdraw from a unit or course at any time in a semester during their course of study, however, the student needs to be aware of the consequences of such an action.

Students may withdraw from units without academic penalty only if notice of withdrawal is submitted in writing to the Registrar by 4.00 pm on the Census Date applicable to the unit in question.

If withdrawal occurs in writing up to 4.00 pm on the Census Date the tuition fee will be refunded in full.  A written request to the Registrar in the case of exceptional circumstances may waive the withdrawal fee. The refund will be paid to the student within four weeks of the date of withdrawal.

If a student withdraws after the Census Date of the unit in question, a Fail grade will be given and tuition fees will not be refunded. If there are exceptional circumstances around this withdrawal a written request needs to be sent to the Registrar seeking a refund and detailing the exceptional circumstances. A full or pro-rata refund may be made in such cases.

A written request for withdrawal due to exceptional circumstances may be accepted as grounds for a total or partial refund of fees subject to the student providing acceptable documentary evidence in support of their claim. Exceptional circumstances may include:

  • Inability to obtain a student visa
  • Illness or disability
  • Failure to meet English language requirements for admission
  • Death of the student or a close family member (parent, sibling, spouse, child)


If a student has not fulfilled attendance requirements or completed assessment tasks the Academic Board of the Teaching Body may exclude the student from further participation in the unit and from attendance at any examination for the unit.  Where the student is not excluded the Academic Board of the Sydney College of Divinity may take up a recommendation from the Academic Board of the Teaching Body to permit the student to meet the requirements for satisfactory completion of the unit by a specified date.


Students expecting to qualify for graduation by the end of a year should ensure that their complete program of study will satisfy the rules for the award they are undertaking.

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