General Regulations

Policy statement on lending from libraries

  1. Circulating Library materials may be borrowed by faculty and students of Sydney College of Divinity from any member library in accordance with the borrowing regulations of the lending library.
  2. Member Libraries will maintain a current written statement of their policies in the public service areas along with the current statement of Sydney College of Divinity consortial policy. These policies apply equally to students and staff. The borrowing of material by a patron will be construed as accepting the policies of the libraries they use.
  3. Borrowers will be notified of overdue material by the library from which material was borrowed. If a patron does not respond to the first overdue notice, the patron’s library will be notified. Upon notification, the patron’s library will take steps to assist the recovery of borrowed materials or collection of monies owed. However, the borrower owing money or holding overdue materials is expected to settle the matter with the library which is owed materials or money.

The lending library will notify the borrower’s home library when the matter has been settled. Copies of further communications between borrower and lending library will be sent to the patron’s home library.

The failure to pay fines or return recalled material will result in the loss of the individual’s borrowing privileges at all Sydney College of Divinity libraries. Examination results will not be credited to a student unless all books are returned, the cost of replacement and/or all fines paid. Specific action to be taken against offenders will be discussed at meetings of the Libraries Committee. If materials cannot be recovered the shall pay for the replacement cost.

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