General Regulations

Credit & RPL


Credit may be granted in units, for comparable work completed or concurrently being undertaken at an approved level at any recognised tertiary institution, according to the SCD Credit Policy.

Applications for credit are received by the Registrar of the in which a student is enrolled and processed by the Sydney College of Divinity Student Support and Administration Committee.  Any documentation must include an authorised transcript of the studies undertaken and the official description of units completed at the other institutions.

A candidate may not count for credit towards any award a successfully completed unit which in the opinion of the Academic Board of the concerned, is a similar unit to one the student has already successfully completed for credit, whether at the College or any other tertiary provider

Students may also apply for credit under the principle of Recognition of Prior Learning.


Recognition of prior learning is a form of assessment, which matches students’ skills and knowledge with the outcomes of courses or units of courses in an accredited program.  Applicants are responsible for demonstrating that the skills and knowledge they have obtained through work or life experience, match the outcomes of the units in the accredited program.  An RPL application is made by following the SCD Application for Recognised Prior Learning process including completing the SCD RPL application form.

The Sydney College of Divinity Student Support and Administration Committee makes a judgment about the extent to which the applicant has demonstrated such a correlation.

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