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SECTION TEN : Course Units and Tuition Assurance Requirements

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  • Undergraduate Units AQF Levels 5 – 7
  • Postgraduate Units AQF Levels 8 – 9
  • Research Units AQF Level 10
  • Tuition Assurance Requirements


Undergraduate Course Units

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Undergraduate Units AQF Levels 5 – 7

Unit Code CALD Unit Title Korean
Biblical Studies
B5010 Introduction to Biblical Studies
B5020 Introduction to the Old Testament
B5022 Pentateuch
B5024 Prophetic Literature
B5030 Introduction to the New Testament
B5032 Synoptic Gospels
B7110 Introduction to Biblical Studies B7110
B7120 Introduction to the Old Testament B7120
B7130 Introduction to the New Testament B7130
B7181 The Old Testament in Context
B7182 The New Testament in Context
B7203 Hermeneutics B7203
B7214 Pentateuch B7214
B7220 OT Historical Books B7220
B7229 Wisdom Literature B7229
B7231 Prophetic Literature B7231
B7254 Synoptic Gospels B7254
B7273 The Four Gospels B7273
B7287 Prophetic Literature in Context
B7281 Pauline Literature in Context
B7326 Psalms B7326
B7364 Pauline Literature B7364
B7368 Johannine Literature B7368
B7382 Hebrews General Epistles B7382
T5005 Introduction to Christian Doctrines
T5031 The Person and Work of Jesus Christ
T5034 The Self-Revealing God
T5035 Spirit and Church
T5087 Introduction to Wesleyan Theology
T7101 Introduction to Theology T7101
T7105 Introduction to Christian Doctrines T7105
T7185 Christian Doctrines in Context
T7217 The Church T7217
T7231 The Person and Work of Christ T7231
T7234 The Self-Revealing God T7234
T7235 Spirit and Church T7235
T7281 Early Church Fathers T7281
T7287 Wesleyan Theology T7287
T7288 Doctrine of Sanctification in Context
T7305 Christian Apologetics T7305
T7320 Ministry in the Church T7320
T7323 The Sacraments T7323
T7324 Baptism and Confirmation T7324
T7325 Anointing and Reconciliation T7325
T7326 The Eucharist T7326
T7327 The Sacrament of Marriage
T7328 Theology of Priesthood T7328
T7333 The Trinity T7333
T7337 Christian Anthropology and Grace T7337
T7338 Doctrine of Sanctification T7338
T7339 Creation and Fulfilment T7339
T7382 Early Byzantine Patristic Theology T7382
T7383 Later Byzantine Patristic Theology T7383
T7386 Reformation Theology T7386
Christian Ethics
E7100 Sources and Principles of Christian Ethics E7100
E7200 Methods E7200
E7345 Justice, Human Life and Society E7345
E7346 Marriage, Family and Sexual Ethics E7346
E7347 Peace and War E7347
E7348 Environmental Ethics E7348
E7350 Christian Anthropology and Biomedical Ethics E7350
Worship & Liturgy
L5010 Introduction to Christian Worship
L5020 Introduction to Preaching
L5030 Preaching and Context
L7100 Introduction to Christian Worship L7100
L7180 Christian Worship in Context
L7200 Liturgical Rites L7200
L7220 Introduction to Preaching L7220
L7230 Music in Worship L7230
L7232 Orthodox Christian Hymnology L7232
L7262 Christian Initiation L7262
L7320 Preaching and context L7320
Humanities in the Christian Tradition
A5030 Introduction to Biblical Languages
A7101 Critical Thinking and Writing A7101
A7132 Ecclesiastical Latin
A7135 Theological English A7135
A7160 Biblical Hebrew A7160
A7170 New Testament Greek A7170
A7110 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew A7110
A7120 Introduction to New Testament Greek A7120
A7130 Introduction to Biblical Languages A7130
W7106 Ancient and Early Medieval Philosophy W7106
W7107 Logic and Critical Thinking W7107
W7109 Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy W7109
W7220 Rhetoric Truth and Knowledge W7220
W7222 Moral Philosophy W7222
W7238 Reason, Faith and God W7238
W7307 Greek and Roman Philosophy W7307
W7308 Medieval Philosophy W7308
W7309 From Descartes to Kant W7309
W7310 From Kant to Postmodernism W7310
W7312 Philosophy of Culture W7312
W7331 Metaphysics W7331
W7332 The Human Person W7332
W7346 Political Philosophy W7346
W7351 Epistemology W7351
W7358 Philosophical Psychology W7358
Church History
H5000 Introduction to Church History
H5010 History of the Early Church
H5040 History of Church in Middle Ages
H5050 The Reformers and the Reformation
H5060 History of the Church in the Modern Era
H7100 Introduction to the Study of Christian History H7100
H7110 History of the Early Church H7110
H7181 The Early Church in Context
H7230 Byzantium: Empire of New Rome H7230
H7231 Byzantium: Resplendence and Twilight H7231
H7240 History of the Church in the Middle Ages H7240
H7262 Wesley and the Methodists H7262
H7263 The Restoration Movement H7263
H7264 History of the Salvation Army H7264
H7266 History of Charismatic and Pentecostal Movements H7266
H7267 History of Missional Movements H7267
H7268 History of Christianity in Australia H7268
H7350 The Reformers and the Reformation H7350
H7360 History of the Church in the Modern Era H7360
H7361 Modern Orthodox Christian History H7361
H7363 History of the Wesleyan-Holiness Movement H7363
H7365 History of the Restoration Movement H7365
H7380 Korean Protestant Churches -Their Story H7380
H7382 Australian Catholics – Their Story H7382
H7383 New Zealand Catholics – Their Story H7383
Christian Life and Ministry
M5000 Introduction to World Mission
M5009 Engaging in Discipleship
M5020 Introduction to Anthropology
M5060 Reaching Australians/New Zealanders with the Gospel
M5085 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Mission
M5086 Developing Cross Cultural Competence
M7100 Introduction to Mission M7100
M7109 Introduction to Discipleship M7109
M7110 The Evangelising Mission of the Church M7110
M7180 World Mission in Context
M7205 Paradigms for Contemporary Mission M7205
M7260 Communicating the Gospel in Australia & New Zealand M7260
M7285 Introduction to Cross-cultural Mission M7285
M7320 Anthropology for Christian Mission M7320
M7340 World Religions M7340
M7372 Mission and Justice M7372
Pastoral Counselling
C5041 Introduction to Chaplaincy
C5046 Basic Pastoral Counselling
C7146 Introduction to Pastoral Counselling C7146
C7180 Pastoral Counselling in Context
C7249 Human Development & Pastoral Counselling C7249
Pastoral Theology
P5001 Introduction to Personal Formation
P5010 Introduction to Pastoral Theology & Ministry
P5011 Introduction to Youth Ministry
P5013 Pastoral Ministry in Context
P5015 Developing a Youth Ministry
P5016 Youth Ministry and Personal Growth
P5017 Children’s Ministry
P5026 Culture and Context for Youth Ministry
P5041 Introduction to Christian Education
P5062 Church Movement Distinctives
P5082 Supervised Ministry 1
P5083 Supervised Ministry 2
P7101 Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry P7101
P7111 Introduction to Youth Ministry P7111
P7141 Introduction to Christian Education P7141
P7180 Contextualising Pastoral Theology and Ministry
P7205 Contextual Theology for Ministry P7205
P7210 Children’s Ministry P7210
P7211 Developing A Youth Ministry P7211
P7235 Maori Pastoral Care P7235
P7249 Pastoral Care Through Life P7249
P7261 Principles of Pastoral Leadership P7261
P7272 Pastoral Ministry in Context P7272
P7274 Team Ministry Skills P7274
P7275 Supervised Ministry 3 P7275
P7277 Basic Unit of Clinical Pastoral Education 1 P7277
P7282 Supervised Ministry 1 P7282
P7326 Culture and Context for Youth Ministry P7326
P7327 Youth Ministry and Personal Growth P7327
P7334 Media, Culture and Ethical Value Systems P7334
P7362 Canon Law the Sacraments P7362
P7363 Selected Themes in Canon Law P7363
P7364 Mastering Change in Ministry P7364
P7365 The Transformational Leader P7365
P7367 Crisis and Conflict Management in Ministry P7367
P7372 Personal Growth for Ministry P7372
P7373 Basic Unit of Clinical Pastoral Education 2 P7373
P7376 The Psychology of Religious Vocation P7376
P7382 Supervised Ministry2 P7382
P7389 Capstone Unit in Pastoral Praxis & Future Ministry P7389
Christian Spirituality
S7101 Formation in Spiritual Living
S7102 Introduction to Christian Spirituality
S7201 Relational Dynamics in Spiritual Formation
S7260 Formation in Prayer and Prayerfulness
S7301 Spiritual Formation for Ministry
S7345 Studies in Historical Spirituality
S7350 Christian Spiritual Wisdom
S7361 The Art of Spiritual Direction
X5092 Introduction to [Topic]
X5093 Independent Guided Study
X5094 Study Tour
X5095 Issues in [Topic]
X5097 Ministry Seminar in [Topic]
X5098 Action Learning in Ministry
X5099 Capstone Unit in . . .
X7195 Introduction to [Topic]
X7295 Studies in [Topic]
X7391 Research Project X7391
X7392 Research Project X7392
X7393 Independent Guided Study X7393
X7394 Independent Guided Study X7394
X7395 Issues in [Topic] X7395
X7396 Issues in [Topic] X7396
X7397 Seminar [Topic] X7397
X7398 Action Research Project X7398
X7399 Capstone Unit in … X7399

Postgraduate Course Units

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Postgraduate Units AQF Levels 8 – 9

Unit Code Unit Title Korean
Biblical Studies    
A8510 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew A8510
A8520 Introduction to New Testament Greek A8520
A8530 Introduction to Biblical Languages A8530
A8560 Biblical Hebrew A8560
A8570 New Testament Greek A8570
B8510 Introduction to Biblical Studies B8510
B8520 Introduction to the Old Testament B8520
B8530 Introduction to the New Testament B8530
B9603 Interpretation of the Bible B9603
B9605 Old Testament Theology B9605
B9608 New Testament Theology B9608
B9610 Israel’s Beginnings: the books of Genesis and Exodus B9610
B9629 Wisdom and Poetry in Israel B9629
B9636 Isaiah B9636
B9640 Jeremiah B9640
B9652 Apocalyptic Literature B9652
B9657 Lukan Literature B9657
B9668 Gospel according to John B9668
B9672 Romans B9672
B9680 Dead Sea Scrolls B9680
T8501 Introducing Theology T8501
T8505 Basic Christian Doctrines T8505
T8517 Ecclesiology T8517
T8523 Theology of Sacraments T8523
T8531 Christology and Soteriology T8531
T8534 The Triune God and Revelation T8534
T8535 Pneumatology and Ecclesiology T8535
T8581 Church Fathers: An Introduction T8581
T8586 Theological Issues of the Reformation T8586
T9609 Theological Methodology T9609
T9618 Collegiality and Primacy T9618
T9631 Major Questions in Christology T9631
T9633 Focused Study in Trinitarian Theology T9633
T9638 Doctrine of Sanctification T9638
T9639 Theological Perspectives on the Environment T9639
T9643 Mary: Disciple and Symbol of the Church T9643
T9653 Faith and Theology in Context T9653
T9666 Readings in Selected Theologians T9666
T9681 The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed T9681
T9683 Exploring the Philokalia T9683
T9684 Patristic Profile T9684
T9685 Patristic Perspectives on Science and Theology T9685
T9687 Wesleyan Theological Perspectives T9687
Christian Ethics
E8501 Principles of Christian Ethics E8501
E9600 Themes in Fundamental Moral Theology E9600
E9646 Justice and Peace E9646
E9647 Human Life, Family, and Society E9647
E9670 Business and Professional Ethics E9670
E9690 Case Study in Applied Ethics E9690
Worship & Liturgy
L8501 Introducing Christian Worship L8501
L8510 The Practice of Worship L8510
L8520 Foundations of Preaching L8520
L9605 Liturgical Sources L9605
L9620 Preaching and Context L9620
Humanities in the Christian Tradition
A8501 Critical Thinking and Writing A8501
A8532 Ecclesiastical Latin A8532
A8535 English for Theology A8535
W8506 Ancient & Early Medieval Philosophy W8506
W8509 Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy W8509
W8571 Readings in Philosophy W8571
W8572 Readings in Philosophy
W9612 Religion and Modernity W9612
W9624 Theories & Issues in Ethics W9624
W9640 Philosophical Theology W9640
W9651 Ways of Knowing W9651
Church History    
H8501 Introduction to the Study of Christian History H8501
H8510 The Early Church H8510
H8530 Byzantine Studies
H8563 The Restoration Movement H8563
H8571 Vatican II and its Reception H8571
H9642 Christian Culture of the Middle Ages H9642
H9667 Religion and Empire H9667
H9671 Vatican II and its Reception
H9675 Methodist and United/Uniting Churches in the Ecumenical Century H9675
Christian Life and Ministry
M8509 Framework for Discipleship M8509
M8510 Evangelising Mission Today M8510
M8543 Introducing Islam M8543
M8560 Gospel, Culture & Communication in Australia & New Zealand M8560
M9600 Perspectives on World Mission M9600
M9625 Faith, Mission & Culture M9625
M9642 Interreligious Dialogue M9642
M9672 Justice in the Mission of the Catholic Church M9672
M9685 Cross-Cultural Mission M9685
Pastoral Counselling
C8504 Theory and Practice of Pastoral Counselling C8504
C8506 Psychology and Leadership C8506
C8522 Pastoral Perspectives on Moral Decision Making C8522
C8525 Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) & Positive Psychology (PP) C8525
C8540 Group Processes C8540
C8546 Pastoral Counselling in Ministry C8546
C8547 Pastoral Counselling in Context C8547
C8554 Pastoral Counselling: Marriage and Family C8554
C8565 Pastoral Counselling: Grief, Loss and Trauma C8565
C9636 Ethical and Professional Issues in Pastoral Counselling C9636
C9650 Pastoral Counselling: Children C9650
C9656 Developmental Theory and Pastoral Counselling C9656
C9666 Pastoral Counselling: Addiction C9666
Pastoral Theology
P8501 Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology P8501
P8502 Foundations of Ethical Ministry Practice
P8510 Foundations for Youth Ministry P8510
P8511 Developing Youth Ministry P8511
P8534 Foundations of Christian Education P8534
P8561 Developing Leaders through Mentoring P8561
P8562 Administrative Leadership and Management for Ministry P8562
P8572 Spiritual Leadership P8572
P8577 Clinical Pastoral Education 1 P8577
P8578 Clinical Pastoral Education 2 P8578
P8579 Clinical Pastoral Education 3 P8579
P8580 Supervised Ministry 3
P8582 Theory and Practice of Ministry 1 P8582
P8583 Working in a Ministry Team Setting P8583
P8585 Introduction to Supervisory Practice P8585
P8586 Educational Theory and Practice in Pastoral Supervision P8586
P8587 Theological Reflection in the Practice of Pastoral Supervision P8587
P8588 Advanced Practice in Pastoral Supervision P8588
P9601 Practical Theology and Future Church P9601
P9634 New Paradigms of Christian Ministry P9634
P9661 Managing Crisis and Conflict in Ministry P9661
P9662 Mastering Change in Ministry P9662
P9663 Strategic Thinking and Decision Making P9663
P9664 Leading the Larger Church P9664
P9665 Transformational Leadership in Ministry P9665
P9667 Personal Growth for Leadership P9667
P9671 Ministry in Complex Situations
P9682 Theory and Practice of Ministry 2 P9682
P9684 Supervised Ministry Practicum P9684
Christian Spirituality
S8501 Formation in Christian Leadership
S8502 Christian Spirituality
S8559 The Christian Spiritual Tradition
S8561 Spiritual Direction
S8572 Spirit in Context:  Australian Spirituality
S9601 Relational Health in Spiritual Formation
S9645 Christian Spirituality in the 20th Century
S9661 Spiritual Mentoring
X8500 Research Methodology X8500
X8595 Issues in [Topic]
X8597 Seminar [Topic]
X8598 Honours Thesis
X9690 Research Essay
X9691 Research Project X9691
X9692 Research Project X9692
X9693 Independent Guided Study X9693
X9694 Independent Guided Study X9694
X9695 Issues in [Topic] X9695
X9696 Research Essay X9696
X9697 Seminar [Topic] X9697
X9698 Action Research Project X9698
X9699 Capstone Unit in . . . . X9699

Research Course Units

Research Awards AQF Level 10

R10001 Pastoral and Practical Theology: Hermeneutics and Methodological Paradigms

R10002 Research Settings in Pastoral and Practical Theology

Tuition Assurance Requirements

Statement of Course Assurance

Sydney College of Divinity (ABN: 39 002 653 036) is a body corporate registered on the Australian Qualifications Framework in the states of New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

Under the provisions of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA) and the associated HEP Guidelines, Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) is required to provide a tuition assurance arrangement for Australian citizens or holders of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa who are enrolled in higher education courses it offers. This requirement is to protect students in the event that SCD ceases to provide a course of study in which a student is enrolled. The meaning of ‘ceasing to provide a course of study’ is set out in the HEP Guidelines.

In the event that SCD ceases to provide a course of study in which a student is enrolled the student is entitled to either:

Course Assurance Option which is an offer of a place in a similar course of study with the Australian College of Theology (ACT) without any requirement to pay ACT any student contribution or tuition fee for any replacement units


 Student Contribution/Tuition Fee Repayment Option which is a refund of his or her up-front payments for any unit of study that the student commences but does not complete because SCD ceases to provide the course of study of which the unit forms part.

SCD has met the tuition assurance requirements of the HESA through its current membership of the Sydney College of Divinity Tuition Assurance Scheme (TAS).

Contact details

Chief Operating Officer – Mrs Kerry Haggar


Telephone: +61 (0)2 9889 1969 Website:

Location: Sydney College of Divinity, Unit 6B/5 Talavera Road, North Ryde NSW 2113.

Postal Address: PO Box 1882, Macquarie Centre NSW 2113

If SCD ceases to provide a course of study, a student enrolled in the course of study will be sent a Written Tuition Assurance Offer (the Offer) advising the student of the options available under the tuition assurance requirements.  The Offer will include directions that the student must follow in order to notify the Australian College of Theology of the choice they have made for each affected unit. The ACT will provide this Offer within twenty business days after it knows, or should know by reasonable enquiries, that SCD has ceased to provide the course or study.

The course/s of study for which SCD has the Australian College of Theology’s Tuition Assurance Scheme (TAS) membership are:

Sydney College of Divinity Australian College of Theology
Diploma of Theology Diploma of Theology
Diploma of Christian Studies Diploma of Theology
Associate Degree of Christian Thought and Practice Associate Degree of Theology
Bachelor of Ministry Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Theology Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Ministry (Honours) Bachelor of Theology (Honours)
Bachelor of Theology (Honours) Bachelor of Theology (Honours)
Graduate Certificate in Arts Graduate Diploma of Theology
Graduate Diploma of Arts Graduate Diploma of Divinity
Master of Arts Master of Arts in Christian Studies
Master of Philosophy Master of Theology
Master of Divinity Master of Divinity
Master of Theology Master of Theology
Doctor of Ministry Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Theology Doctor of Theology
Doctor of Philosophy Doctor of Philosophy

A student may choose either the Course Assurance Option OR the Student Contribution/Tuition Fee Repayment Option.

Course Assurance Option

If a student accepts a place in a course offered by the Australian College of Theology as named above, the Australian College of Theology will offer the student the option of all necessary arrangements being made to ensure the student is able to enrol in a similar course of study with the Australian College of Theology. This offered course will lead to the same or a comparable qualification without any requirement on the part of the student to pay that the Australian College of Theology any student contribution or tuition fee for any replacement units. A student will receive full credit from the Australian College of Theology for any units of study successfully completed at SCD.

The Australian College of Theology may have different contribution amounts or tuition fees to the amounts or fees the student would have paid for units of study that were part of the course of study SCD ceased to provide.

A student is not obliged to enrol in a course of study with the Australian College of Theology under the Course Assurance Option.  However, if he/she enrols with any other provider there is no obligation on that provider to offer full credit transfer for the units of study completed with the SCD or to offer a replacement/s unit free of charge.

Student Contribution/Tuition Fee Repayment Option

If a student chooses the Student Contribution/Tuition Fee Repayment Option, SCD undertakes to pay the student the total of any up-front payments already paid by the student for any units of study the student has commenced but not completed.  Students selecting this option will also get SLE or FEE-HELP balance/s re-credited for uncompleted units.

Eight new awards accredited by TEQSA (2 December 2013) are specialist awards for which there is no equivalent offered by any other Australian Higher Education Provider or University at this time. It is therefore not possible to arrange tuition assurance for these awards.

These awards are all delivered in their entirety in the Korean language and so designated in their titles:

  • Master of Divinity (Korean)
  • Master of Theology (Korean)
  • Master of Arts (Korean)
  • Graduate Diploma of Arts (Korean)
  • Graduate Certificate in Arts (Korean)
  • Bachelor of Theology (Honours) (Korean)
  • Associate Degree of Christian Thought and Practice (Korean)
  • Diploma of Christian Studies (Korean)
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