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Student entitlements and services

Students should contact the Teaching Body where they are enrolled to see whether they are eligible for Austudy, FEE-HELP and other Government schemes that may be of benefit.


Under the Commonwealth Government guidelines, Austudy is available for full-time theological students who are working towards accredited awards.  Full-time is defined by the Government to involve at least ¾ of a maximum load.  Enquiries about eligibility for Austudy and making application should be directed to the closest Centrelink Office.  Please note that:

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to keep Centrelink informed of any program changes or changes of address during each year (if the loading falls below full-time, then Centrelink may require repayment of Austudy received).
  2. The Teaching Body administration is required to complete regular reports for Centrelink on student progress and full-time/part-time status.
  3. Centrelink requires a full-time load for each trimester, i.e. at least 18 credit points. Personal Formation 1 & 2 and Personal Formation 3 are divided across the number of trimesters appropriate for each of these subjects – they do not count as one full subject in a trimester for Centrelink calculations.

FEE-HELP is a Government financial loan scheme for students attending private colleges.  All enrolled students who are Australian citizens (or on Humanitarian Visas) have access to government loans for both undergraduate and post-graduate study. The loan amount available is set by the government and indexed in January. It is available to be used and can be used over the lifetime of the student at all levels of higher education accredited training. All students accessing FEE-HELP for the first time in 2021 must register for a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

Transport concessions

Transport concessions are available to full time students, and are issued through the registry of the Teaching Body in which a student is enrolled.

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