The annual Sydney College of Divinity Graduation Ceremony is a memorable occasion for graduates, their families and friends. It incorporates times of worship, a short address and the conferral of awards to students. The 2019 Graduation Ceremony was held on 18 May at 11.00am at the Great Hall, University of Sydney. Rev Graham Long AM, Pastor Emeritus and former CEO of the Wayside Chapel gave the Occasional Address.

The Sydney College of Divinity congratulates all our 2019 graduates and the recipients of the below prizes;

  • The Rev Dr Brian Murray Memorial Prize for the highest level of achievement in the discipline of Theology – Nenad Vujasinovic
  • The Award from the Council of Christians and Jews for Excellence in Biblical Hebrew – Michael John Jaksic
  • The 2018 Sydney College of Divinity Centre for Gospels and Acts Research Essay Prize – Pamela Susan Reed

Photographs and video recording of the Ceremony is taken every year. The recorded video for 2019 is available as a DVD for AUD$25.00.

Order your 2019 SCD Graduation DVD online

Email [email protected] to request DVD copies for the past years from 2012 to 2018.

General information for graduants

Graduation is a significant moment in a students’ life. If you are planning to graduate in 2020, below is some information that may be helpful.

The Registrar of the teaching institution is the students’ primary contact. Graduands would normally receive an email from the Registrar in February-March of the graduating year with details about the graduation.

Academic Dress

Graduants are required to wear the appropriate regalia to graduate.  This includes an academic gown, a trencher (cap) and a hood with the appropriate colours for your award. The costs listed below for different elements of the academic dress are the 2019 rates. As rates are reviewed every year, it is likely that the costs may increase in 2020.

Gowns and Trenchers

Graduands are required to book your regalia hire with the University of Sydney Store . On the USYD Store webpage scroll down and select the ‘I need to hire for a different occasion’ button. Graduants will need to hire a gown and trencher from the USYD Store website at a cost of $40 per item.

On the Graduation Ceremony day graduants collect their hired regalia from The Sydney Store, which is located in The Holme Building, Science Road, The University of Sydney. Regalia must be returned to The Sydney Store no later than 3.30pm on the same day or a late fee may be charged.

Graduants are responsible for hiring their gowns and trenchers. Graduants are advised to book their regalia in advance in preparation for attending your graduation ceremony. You can contact [email protected] for any information.


Hoods and stoles should be hired and/or purchased through your teaching institution.  Contact the Registrar at your college for more information.

Purchase: Price for hoods will be $120.00 for undergraduate awards and $150.00 for postgraduate awards. Stoles for Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma will be $90.00. If these are purchased directly from the Sydney College of Divinity Office of the Dean by the Graduand there is a $10.00 postage and handling fee (within Australia).

Hire: Hire cost for all hoods and stoles hired through the teaching institution is $70.00. If these are hired direct from the Sydney College of Divinity Office of the Dean by the Graduand the charges are: Hire $70.00 Deposit $50.00 Postage and handling $10.00

Professional image and video recording of the Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony photographs

The Sydney College of Divinity takes photographs of the Graduation Ceremony and the events before and after for use on their website, promotion and information booklets.

Graduation Ceremony DVD

A DVD of the 2019 Graduation Ceremony is available for a purchase price of AUD$25.00 + postage.  DVD’s  are also available for past graduations, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,2016 and 2017.

The Sydney College of Divinity will use the photograph/image/audio recording/video recording and likeness in all forms and manner for the purposes of advertising, media publicity, publication, general display or for any other College purposes in whole or in part, including but not limited to publication on Internet web sites, broadcasts and any other publications as released to or by Sydney College of Divinity. As a graduant, if you do not want to be included in the photograph and/or video session, email [email protected] and the registrar of your teaching institution minimum one week before the Graduation Ceremony informing us of your decision.

Academic transcripts and testamurs


An academic transcript is an official record of the units of study you have completed and the grades you have received for each unit. Complete the Order for Academic Transcript Form to order a copy.


When you graduate you will receive one copy of your official testamur. To order an extra or replacement copy submit the Testamur Order Form.

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar at your teaching institution. 

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