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Flexible study options

Life is busy and we are often having to balance competing interests. The range of options and opportunities we offer at the Sydney College of Divinity colleges will comfortably allow you to add study to your schedule.  We offer a range of flexible study options and attendance modes in addition to the standard full-time, on-campus mode to help you manage your time. A Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) student also has the flexibility to choose and study one or more units with any of the SCD colleges whilst enrolled with one college.

Flexible study options provide greater convenience, typically enabling students to complete their course through a combination of on-campus, online and other study modes. Flexible study options are available at our teaching colleges and at every qualification level, but you are advised to check with the college before you enrol as not all the options listed below are available in one college.

Flexible study options include:

Part-time study

Part-time study is one of the most common and effective way for a student to balance study with other work and family commitments. Part-time study is available at all our teaching colleges.

Online and distance study

Our teaching colleges allow students to complete certain units (or even your entire award) externally through online and distance study. Online and distance education enables you to complete the same award as on-campus student from anywhere in the world.

Extensives / evening sessions

Some of our colleges offer classes (that may include extensives) in the evening enabling you to use daytime hours for work, family or leisure. Our research seminars where attendance is a requirement for doctoral students are mostly held in the evening.

Trimesters or terms

Some of our colleges break the academic year into trimesters or more terms to provide additional flexibility compared to the semester model. This facilitates mid-year entry and the possibly to do more units in an academic year and finish your course faster.


One or two week intensives held at some colleges enables you to study on-campus and engage face-to-face with the lecturers and your peers. As it is held over a short period of time students enrolled in part-time and mostly online study can benefit from the on-campus experience with minimum impact on work and other commitments.

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