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Program of Study

Students choose their units from the Sydney College of Divinity Schedule of Units of Study for the course in which they are enrolled, taking into account the required prerequisites, the timetable and other circumstances.

To satisfactorily complete a unit and gain the credit points offered a student should

  • attend at least 80% of classes irrespective of the mode of delivery;
  • complete the required essays, exercises and practical work, and sit for any tests and examinations; and
  • reach a satisfactory level of achievement in the required essays, exercises, practical work, tests and examinations as may be determined by the Academic Board of the Teaching Body in which the unit is provided.

Demand Hours

Demand Hours are the time to which each student is notionally committed. In the case of full-time students this is 44 hours per week. For each 9 credit point unit a typical break down is:

  • 3 timetabled hours/week (time spent at lecturers, tutorials, engaged with online or other learning package, clinical or other placements)
  • 8 hours/week devoted to assessable (4 hours) and non-assessable (4 hours) tasks
  • 11 hours total workload/week
  • 143 hours per 13 week semester

Demand hours for assessment tasks in the undergraduate courses are notionally allocated on the basis of

  • 12 demand hours per 1000 words
  • 6 demand hours per 1 hour examination
  • 12 demand hours per 15 mins of oral exam/class presentation

Demand hours in postgraduate courses are notionally allocated on the basis of

  • 8 demand hours per 1000 words
  • 8 demand hours per 15 mins oral exam/class presentation
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