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Senior School Higher Education Pathways Program

Senior School Students

The Senior School Higher Education Pathways Program at the Sydney College of Divinity is designed to enable senior school students to undertake higher education studies as part of their Higher School Certificate.

The programs offered by SCD are ideal for senior school students considering future study pathways as:

  1. Higher Education units at AQF 7 may contribute to the secondary school certificate*
  2. in certain jurisdictions, AQF 7 units may provide an ATAR adjustment, boosting university entry opportunities*
  3. it is an effective use of time and resources as the pathways provide early access to Sydney College of Divinity’s programs
  4. completed Higher Education units can be given credit into the Sydney College of Divinity’s awards post-school.

The two pathways available are the SCD Extension and the SCD Enhance programs. Both programs are undertaken concurrently with the student’s senior school studies.

At a glance

SCD Extension Program

SCD Enhance Program

Single unit offering Four-unit program
Not enrolled in an award Enrolled in the AQF 5 Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry award
Units are offered at AQF Level 7 Units in the Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry is offered at AQF Level 5
Completed AQF 7 units may contribute to the Higher School Certificate* The ability to take equivalent AQF 7 units to allow units from the Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry to contribute to the Higher School Certificate*
Not eligible for FEE-HELP FEE-HELP is available to eligible students


SCD Extension Pathway Program | Single Unit Offerings

SCD Extension Pathway Program offers units in discipleship, Christian leadership, theology, and biblical studies to Year 11 and 12 students. Students can choose from a schedule of introductory units at AQF Level 7. Students can study concurrently with their senior school studies a minimum of one unit to a maximum of four units, available sequentially. Units completed may contribute to the student’s Higher School Certificate*.

In single-unit enrolments, the senior school student does not enrol in an award and is therefore not eligible for FEE-HELP or additional financial support. Fees are paid upfront, unit by unit.

The SCD Extension program allows students to register with an SCD Member Institution in individual units as per an agreed schedule. The units are drawn from the schedule of introductory units at AQF 7. A possible list of units is provided in Appendix 1.

Appendix 1 

    • A7111 Introduction to Biblical Languages
    • B7101 Introduction to Biblical Studies
    • B7110 Introduction to the Old Testament
    • B7150 Introduction to the New Testament
    • C7100 Introduction to Pastoral Counselling
    • C7120 Pastoral Counselling in Practice
    • E7100 Sources and Principles in Christian Ethics
    • H7100 Introduction to Church History
    • H7110 History of the Early Church
    • L7101 Introduction to Christian Worship
    • M7100 Introduction to Mission
    • M7109 Introduction to Discipleship
    • M7110 The Evangelising Mission of the Church
    • P7101 Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry
    • P7104 Introduction to Theological Study
    • P7105 Introduction to Ethical Ministry Practice
    • P7110 Introduction to Youth Ministry
    • P7140 Introduction to Christian Education
    • P7148 Principles and Practices of Christian Worship
    • P7150 Introduction to Pastoral Preaching
    • S7102 Introduction to Christian Spirituality
    • S7103 Introduction to Personal Transformation
    • S7106 The Art and Science of Formation
    • S7107 Creativity and Spirituality
    • T7101 Introduction to Theology
    • T7140 Theology of Mission
    • T7171 Early Church Fathers
    • P71XX Christian Literature and Western Civilisation
    • S71XX Human and Spiritual Development
    • T71XX Christian Thought and Modern Ethics
    • T71XX Theology and the Environment

SCD Enhance Pathway Program | Four-Unit Program

The SCD Enhance Pathway Program is a four-unit program in which students undertake the Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry concurrently with their senior school studies. Even though the award is at AQF 5, it would be possible for units to be taken at AQF 7 allowing for contribution to the student’s Higher School Certificate*.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry incorporates topics of relevance to senior students, such as leadership, biblical studies, and discipleship. Emphasis is given to developing employable knowledge and skills.

As a full award, FEE-HELP is available to eligible students.

*Ability to count units towards the Higher School Certificate is subject to State or Territory education board approval.


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