Entry Pathways

Entry with work experience

If you have work and life experience, you may consider

Professional entry into the Graduate Certificate in Arts with a professional concentration

Students not possessing an undergraduate degree meeting the normal entry requirements could seek provisional admission into a Graduate Certificate award (with a professional concentration) via Professional Entry. Normally the professional experience and expertise of the potential student should align with the professional concentration in the Graduate Certificate award they are seeking to enter.  Entry will also consider the level of experience as set out in the requirements below.

  • possess a minimum of 5 years relevant work experience in the senior leadership role, consistent with the Typical Progression Pathways* outlines below or
  • possess a minimum of 8 years relevant work experience in a range of leadership roles from associate leader to senior team leader or
  • possess a minimum of 10 years relevant work experience in an associate leader role and be over the age of 30

* Typical Progression Pathways: Relevant work experience in a senior leadership role will include:

  1. Full-time church or para-church ministry in the senior leadership position.
  2. Senior leadership experience in non-government, not-for-profit, community-based and related organisations which act to further the social and/or cultural outworkings of the gospel.
  3. Christian business people who are fulfilling positions of responsibility including team and industry leadership
  4. Other relevant senior leadership experience consistent with, and deemed by Sydney College of Divinity Student Support and Administration Committee (SSAC) to be equivalent to, the above

An application for credit for skills and knowledge from work and life experience could also be made and would require the student to put together a portfolio of documents etc that show how the skills and life experience align with units within the student’s course of study. Applicants are responsible for demonstrating that the skills and knowledge they have obtained through work or life experience, match the outcomes of the units in the accredited program. The Sydney College of Divinity makes a judgment about the extent to which the applicant has so demonstrated.

Professional entry as determined by the Student Support and Administration Committee (SSAC)

Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy, Graduate Certificate in Governance and Strategy, and Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching

The three above short awards are designed for professional development where the student may acquire transferable knowledge and skills over a reasonably short period of time. On this basis, professional entry into the Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy, Graduate Certificate in Governance and Strategy, and Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching will be considered by SSAC.

The professional entry will be on the basis of three years’ experience in a ministry or professional role. The candidate must be able to demonstrate that they have led people or projects even though their role may not have been senior in their organisation.

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