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Entry with overseas qualifications

Applicants with overseas qualifications

Applicants with qualifications from a country other than Australia are eligible for admission into a Sydney College of Divinity award if the entry requirements are met.

Assessing the overseas qualification

If you have studied outside Australia and have obtained a qualification we will need your overseas qualification assessed to determine its comparability with Australian standards. This is done to establish whether your previous overseas qualification meets the entry requirements of the course you are seeking admission into.

The equivalence of overseas qualifications to Australian qualifications is evaluated with the help of the Government’s  Country Education Profiles (CEP). The equivalence is then used to match against the admission requirements for entry into the Sydney College of Divinity awards.

language proficiency requirements

If the overseas qualifications were undertaken in a language other than English, the applicant must provide proof of proficiency in English.

For students intending to enrol in a Korean language undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework) award, they must meet the English and Korean language proficiency.

Find out more about language proficiency requirements.

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