Formative quizzes on Moodle

A Teaching Tactic from Dr Merv Duffy of Good Shepherd College, Auckland that uses Moodle quizzes to encourage students to do the reading and think about what they are reading.

The context

Using the online learning environment to encourage students to do the reading.

The pedagogical purpose

To provide feedback on the reading and encourage the student to think about what they read.

Description of the strategy

For some of the required readings of the course I devise a quiz based solely on that reading. For each question I provide feedback on each of the possible responses. The quiz is not time limited, is self-marking, and gives feedback while it is being used. I am not using the quiz for assessment, I am using it to encourage reading with understanding.


Why it is effective?

I am not using the quiz as an assessment instrument, but it is very hard to do it without having done the reading. It “adds value” to the reading and lets me know whether or not that reading has actually been read by the students.



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