The Importance of Christology for the 21st Century
2019 St Andrew's Theology Symposium

Keynote Speaker/s

Revd Prof. Demetrios Barthrellos
Cambridge Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies, Hellenic Open University in Patra

Revd Prof. Gerald O’Collins SJ AC
Jesuit Theological College, University of Divinity (Melbourne)

Throughout the centuries practically most if not all theological investigation centred on the person and work of Jesus Christ, mandated of course by the various challenges during the Christian Church’s early years. In the contemporary setting, ongoing interest in Christology can be seen from the many studies which continue to be published exploring afresh both the scriptural witness and tradition in order to equip the Church more effectively in its mission to witness Christ now and into the future. All this demonstrates very clearly the centrality of this doctrine for Christianity both with regards to its existential and salvific implications. This Symposium will explore both the various dimensions of this central teaching of the Christian Church, and equally importantly, ways that this can continue to speak into the present.

Convenors: Prof. Jim Harrison and Dr Philip Kariatlis


Speakers will present research papers where a variety of topics in Christology will be explored. Select papers from this Symposium are scheduled to be published as peer reviewed articles in St Andrew’s Academic Journal Phronema in the second semester of 2020.

Listed below are the symposium presenters with their topics:

Dr Vassilis Adrahtas 

“Reflections on the Empathy of Christ: The Notion of προσωπική οἰκείωσις in the Christology of John Damascene”

Chris Baghos (PhD cand.)

“The Holy Ascetic as a ‘New Adam’ in the Dialogues of St Gregory the Great”

Dr Mario Baghos

“Tradition contra Positivism in Representations of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”

Dr Margaret Beirne RSC

“Christ is alive!” – Pope Francis’ Apostolic Invitation to Youth”

William Chami

“How Did the Son Know that He was the Son in His Human Mind? A Theological Enquiry into the Self-Conciousness of Christ”

Dr Deborah Guess

“An Eco-Theological Reflection on the Christology of Rowan Williams”

Prof. James Harrison

“Romans 1:3-4 and Adoptionist Christology: Situating a Theological Debate in its Julio-Claudian Context”

Michael Ibrahim

“A Clash of History and Memory: Reassessing the Christological Contributions of Severus of Antioch”

Dr Philip Kariatlis

“Christology, Christification and Human Becoming”

Dr Jin Heung Kim

“Aquinas, Vermigli, and Apostoliscum: a Comparative Study of the Two Theologians’ Exposition of the Christology in the Twelve Articles”

Daniel Kisliakov (PhD cand.)

“Bulgakov’s Christology as a Pillar of Modern Orthodox Ecclesiology and how that can be Nurtured in the 21st Century”

Dr Jason Tsz-Shun Lam

“Christonomy: Accomplishing the Christ-reality in a Secular Age: The Need of a Christian Ethics in the Modern Eorld from Bonhoeffer’s View”

Dr Greg Liston

“Eschatology and the Munus Triplex: On the Threefold Anointing of the Spirit”

Dr Andrew Mellas

“Dancing with Adam, Eve and Christ: The Liturgical Christology of St Romanos the Melodist”

Dr Joe Mock

“Distinctives of Heinrich Bullinger’s Christology”

Dr Vicki Petrakis

“Salvation through the Incarnate Logos in St Gregory of Nazianzus”

Josfin Raj

“Towards an Inclusive Dalit Christology: From Broken People to an Inclusive Community”

Grahame Rosolen (Phd cand.)

“The Enduring Importance of the Incarnational Christology of Athanasius”

Martin Samson (PhD cand.)

“Developing Pauline Christology as a Spiritual Quest for the Historical Jesus”

Prof. Keith Thompson

“Webb’s Analysis of Smith’s Christology”

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