Finding a Place for Saint Paul: Approaching 50 Years of ‘St Paul and Classical Society’
2021 SCD Annual Lecture

Keynote Speaker/s

Dr Christopher Forbes
Associate Senior Lecturer in Ancient History,
Macquarie University

In 1972 Professor E. A. Judge, Macquarie University, published a ground-breaking essay titled ‘St Paul and Classical Society’. Judge set out the trends of previous scholarship on the topic, and analysed Paul’s ministry in its urban, educational, philosophical, and social context.

In the following 50 years other scholars have built on Judge’s work and research has moved on. What are the scholarly trends now? What new approaches to Paul have emerged and to what degree have assessments of the ancient evidence changed? What does the apostle Paul look like now in his Greco-Roman and Jewish context?

This is a free online lecture. For the Zoom link, RSVP by Friday 14 May 2021.


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