Jesus: Beginning, Middle, and End of Time? Eschatology in Gospels and Acts Research
2021 Centre for Gospels and Acts Research Biennial Conference

Keynote Speaker/s

Associate Professor Michele Connolly
Lecturer in Biblical Studies
Catholic Institute of Sydney, Australia

Professor Craig A. Evans
John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins
Houston Theological Seminary, USA

Dr Debra Snoddy
Lecturer in Biblical Studies
Catholic Institute of Sydney, Australia

In 2020, reeling from the global pandemic, it was as if the world was forced to come to a stand-still. The emergent rhetoric spoke of ‘the old normal’ as we looked ahead to ‘the new normal’ — whatever that may be. Human beings live within time. When a large enough crisis occurs the world changes — within time and over time and for time to come. The known past, moves through an uncertain present, on into an unknown future.

As part of this world’s past, Jesus of Nazareth announced ‘the times are fulfilled, the Kingdom of God has drawn near’. The world had come to a crisis point by which it would change forever. According to the message of the earliest Jesus’ movement, it had entered ‘the last days’. Eschatological time.

The Gospel and Acts report on those times, for the sake of all times. And for we who live in these times. The 21st century world presents opportunities and challenges that requires the message about Jesus Christ to be continually re-presented with clarity and concern. Such clarification and concern require serious and careful research into the foundation documents of the Christian movement.


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