Centre for Gospels and Acts Research Conference
2021 CGAR Biennial Conference

Keynote Speaker/s

Professor Craig A. Evans
Houston Theological Seminary, USA

Dr Michele Connolly
Catholic Institute of Sydney, Australia

Dr Debra Snoddy
Catholic Institute of Sydney, Australia

You are invited to save the date for the biennial CGAR conference. The Centre for Gospels and Acts Research (CGAR) promotes research into the four Gospels and, due to the connections with Luke, the Book of Acts.  It seeks to foster better understanding of these foundational documents of historical Christianity,  and encourages research from a variety of methodological perspectives, including historical, archaeological, theological, exegetical, literary, sociological, feminist, and text-critical approaches. A key part of the Centre’s work is its conference held biannually and the publication of its journal, JGAR, the Journal of Gospels and Act Research, by SCD Press.

Information on the theme, call for papers, registration and program will follow in the months ahead.

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