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Policies and Procedures

The Sydney College of Divinity policies and procedures apply to many aspects of student life. A student is expected to comply with the Sydney College of Divinity and their enrolled college policies, and program-specific regulations.

All policy documents can be found at the main policies site. Policies relevant to postgraduate (research) students are listed under the research student policies.

Sydney College of Divinity policies and procedures that are of a particular relevance to students:

Academic Integrity Policy

The policy seeks to ensure a clear understanding of academic integrity and identifies the meaning and scope of academic misconduct, and sets out the procedures for dealing with cases of academic misconduct.

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Code of Ethics Policy

The Policy ensures compliance with the ESOS Act 2000 and the National Code (as amended 2018).

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Coursework Ethics Clearance Policy

This policy allows that ethics clearance may be given on the basis of the CUO or CUB rather than individually for each student.

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Credit for Previous Study and RPL Procedures

The procedures define the process for domestic and international students. Applications are processed in-line with the SCD Credit and RPL Policy.

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Critical Incident Policy and Procedures

This policy relates to critical incidents directly involving staff and/or students on any SCD campus that have an impact on the individual and members of the college community.

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Free Intellectual Inquiry Policy

The policy is aligned with the requirements of the Higher Education Standards 2015 (HES B.1.1.3 and HES 6.1.4) on free intellectual inquiry.

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Health and Wellbeing Policy and Procedures

The policy and procedures address matters related to the health and wellbeing of students in particular and staff in general.

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Library Policy

The Policy sets out the principles which guide the development of a quality library and ensures equitable access for students using the library.

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Library Regulations

The regulation defines the broad conditions of use for students using the Sydney College of Divinity libraries across all its teaching colleges.

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Privacy Policy

The policy ensures compliance with relevant privacy legislation, Higher Education Standards, and the commitment of the Sydney College of Divinity to transparency, responsibility, and fairness in its management of information.

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Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

The Policy outlines the process of RPL submission and outcomes. The downloadable file contains the Application Form and Evidence Template.

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Record-Keeping Policy

The Policy lays out the teaching bodies and SCD tasks in relation to their responsibility to keeping student records.

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Refund and Withdrawal Policy

The Policy discusses the eligibility and conditions for refund of tuition fees to students.

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Student Disability Policy

The Policy defines what constitutes a disability, and the rights/ entitlements and obligations of students with disabilities in relation to education and training.

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Student Grievance Flowchart

The indicative flowchart is linked to the Student Grievance Policy and Procedures. It helps the student to see at a glance the process of reporting a grievance experienced by a SCD student.

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Student Grievance Policy and Procedures

The Policy provides a mechanism for addressing grievances affecting the student, whether academic or non-academic. Student Grievance Notification Form is available in the downloadable file.

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Student Support and Welfare Policy

The Policy is an acknowledgement of SCD’s responsibility to students. It lists the Key Related Documents indicating where particular matters are addressed.

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Students at Academic Risk Policy and Procedures

This document assists the teaching bodies to identify areas where the provision of additional support will help students achieve a successful outcome.

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