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As a Sydney College of Divinity student, you are responsible for self-managing your continued enrolment in your course. Every student is required to submit annually their enrolment form listing the units they want to study during that academic year. The form is submitted to the registrar of the enrolled college. It is important that students select units that are part of their program requirements so that they can graduate successfully.

A Sydney College of Divinity student can study units delivered at any of its teaching colleges. This means that if you are interested in studying an unit that is not offered at your enrolled college, but at another Member Institution of the Sydney College of Divinity, you can enrol and study the unit at the other college. Sydney College of Divinity students can choose and study units across any Member Institution college while enrolled in a degree with one college.

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Enrolment options

As a domestic student you can consider

  • withdrawing from a unit of study before the census date,
  • consider part-time study if a full course load is not ideal,
  • consider full-time study if you want to finish your course quickly.

If there are exceptional circumstances (eg medical emergencies) that may hinder your study, you are advised to speak to the college Academic Dean.

If you are an international student, studying part-time or withdrawing from an unit of study may not be an option because of visa requirements. Contact your college Registrar or Dean to discuss your study options.

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