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Prof Ormerod invited to theological "laboratory" in Rome

14 January, 2020

Prof Ormerod joins leading theologians and ethicists from around the world in a workshop to engage in advancing theological thought, reflection and leadership in response to the sexual abuse crisis, with a view to supporting the global Church in its response.

Dr Gore-Jones awarded the 2019 CRINT Essay Prize

5 November, 2019

Dr Gore-Jones, Lecturer in Biblical Studies at SAGOTC was awarded the 2019 CRINT Essay Prize in Early Jewish and Christian Studies for her paper Torah as Wisdom in Late Second Temple Judaism by Example of 4 Ezra and 2 Baruch.

Focusing on research plans and quality output

30 October, 2019

The Workshop assists participants to become more intentional about their research activities, to focus more on the quality of their work, not just the quantity.

Pam wins 2018 CGAR Essay Prize

14 August, 2019

Pam’s essay Attitude and Action: Holiness of Heart and Hands in Luke 10 wins her the 2019 CGAR Essay Prize.

Annual Lecture

8 April, 2019

Dr Louise Gosbell presented Making Sense of Sensory Language in the Gospel of John at the 2019 SCD Annual Lecture.

Back in Print - Early Christian Studies Vol 11 & 15

18 January, 2019

What did Cyprian think of the authority of the Popes? How did John Chrysostom understand sin in action, thought and intention? Find out in volumes 11 and 15 of the Early Christian Studies Series.

Wondering About God Together

17 October, 2018

Wondering About God Together, edited by Les Ball and Peter G Bolt, brings together the papers from SCD’s 2017 Learning and Teaching Theology Conference.

JGAR Vol 2 Published

17 October, 2018

Assoc Prof Bolt writes about what actually happened on resurrection morning, while Prof. Moloney turns to Mark 16:6-8 for wisdom on hope in the midst of failure – these and more articles in volume 2.

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