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Good and challenging takeaways one year on from the pandemic

12 April, 2021

It’s a year since we were all sent home from our offices, with an expectation (or hope!) that the restrictions would be short term. A year later, many of us haven’t seen our work and study places in months. The TalkCampus team shares the good and the challenging takeaways they have heard over the past 12 months as a lot has changed.

James Arblaster awarded the 2020 CGAR Essay Prize

25 February, 2021

James Arblaster, enrolled in the BTh through Catholic Institute of Sydney, was awarded the 2020 CGAR Essay Prize for his essay “Not Peace, but a Sword: Exegetical Reflections on Matthew 10:34-39”.

Prof Harrison publishes his fourth monograph with Lexington Book /Fortress Academic Press

29 September, 2020

The legacy of Paul’s letter to the Romans would overturn the self-congratulatory and status-preoccupied culture in the western intellectual tradition, replacing it with the humility of the crucified Christ, who was vindicated by God as the risen Lord of all. Prof Harrison’s monograph helps us to see this profound cultural shift more clearly.

Novel coronavirus factsheets for students, staff and MI

29 January, 2020

The Department of Health is working across agencies and with states and territories to implement measures to manage the risk of novel coronavirus and have provided factsheets for higher education students, staff and facilities.

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