Formative Quizzes on Moodle - Teaching Tactics

A Teaching Tactic from Merv Duffy of Good Shepherd College, Auckland that uses Moodle quizzes to encourage students to do the reading and think about what they are reading.


Join the …

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Musings on Bridging the Digital Divide - Teaching Tactics

Bruce G Allder, Director of the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse program at the Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane offers his musings on “Bridging the digital divide with off-line …

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Excellence in Learning Theology Recognized

Congratulations to Margaret Mary Keyes!

Margaret Mary Keyes won two awards that recognize excellence in learning within the discipline of theology.  At the 14 April 2018 SCD Graduation ceremony …

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A 'Theology of the Cross' School Leader (Theology in Human Form) - Teaching Tactics

A Teaching Tactic from Andrew Jaensch, Australian Lutheran College.

The context
A postgraduate unit for Lutheran/ Christian School leaders (Education and Theology in dialogue). The unit is …

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