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Effective online learning and teaching at the Sydney College of Divinity continues to be of vital importance. We continue to develop strategies and share learning tactics to ensure that our students are connected, engaged, motivated and experiencing the best learning. Here SCD faculty and theology educators share their experiences, tactics, research and tips for effective online learning and teaching theology.

Video conferencing - set up and etiquette

26 March, 2020

Dr Fringer shares how video conferencing cannot just be an add-on to how we regularly run face-to-face classes but we must be intentional in how we position the space and interact with students to ensure greater participation and inclusion.

Contextual assessments

18 December, 2018

Ben Chenoweth discusses the importance of contextual assessments that engage a distance student’s ministry context.

Challenges of blended learning

8 October, 2018

Dr Bruce Allder reflects on Jill W Fresen’s article, “Embracing distance education in a blended learning model: challenges and prospects”. Distance Education 2018, Vol.39, No.2 224-240.

Formative quizzes on Moodle

23 July, 2018

The teaching tactic from Dr Merv Duffy is about using Moodle quizzes to encourage students to do the reading and think about what they are reading.

Musings on bridging the digital divide

21 May, 2018

Dr Bruce Allder offers his musings on Mathew Hillier’s article, “Bridging the digital divide with off-line e-learning” in the Distance Education Vol 39, No. 1 January 2018.

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