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Although the name and medium is relatively recent, the LATT Discussion Forum is the latest iteration in several previous (print) publications from SCD with the same aim – promote excellence in theological learning and teaching with a focus on the practice of theological education.

Gamification in education

21 July, 2020

Dr David Smith writes about Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform using the concept of gamification in education, that ACCS will be introducing in their learning.

Faith, knowledge, and action are caught more than taught

11 May, 2020

Writing on the topic, Identifying effective and innovative teachers, Dr Rob Fringer argues that effectiveness is most important and is often buttressed by innovation. Effectiveness, he says, must be measured in line with one’s institutional mission and identity.

Biblical fan fiction

11 December, 2018

Learn what is fan fiction, as Ben Chenoweth suggests using Biblical fan fiction assignments in theological education.

The Practice of Learning - Part 2

9 October, 2018

Effective learning is powered by the student’s curiosity and shaped by their context. In part 2, Assoc Prof Stephen Smith continues his reflections on areas for experimentation in instructional design.

Challenges of blended learning

8 October, 2018

Dr Bruce Allder reflects on Jill W Fresen’s article, “Embracing distance education in a blended learning model: challenges and prospects”. Distance Education 2018, Vol.39, No.2 224-240.

The Practice of Learning - Part 1

2 October, 2018

Regardless of the technology, effective learning should cut through the noise of modern life and engage students in a rigorous learning experience. In part 1, Assoc Prof Stephen Smith introduces some current areas for experimentation by instructional designers.

Effective learning involves sensemaking

25 September, 2018

Eduators who ignore the human need to “make sense” of their world lose an opportunity to take into account the learner’s motivation priorities, previous knowledge, work/life situation, professional needs, and desired areas of development, all powerful internal drivers for learning.

Effective learning cuts through the noise of life

21 September, 2018

Assoc Prof Stephen Smith highlights the importance for deep and effective learning of exposure to rich experiences, the opportunity to  practice, exchange with others, and reflection on action.

Musings on bridging the digital divide

21 May, 2018

Dr Bruce Allder offers his musings on Mathew Hillier’s article, “Bridging the digital divide with off-line e-learning” in the Distance Education Vol 39, No. 1 January 2018.

LATT Discussion Forum

8 November, 2017

SCD continues to stimulate reflection on the theory and practice of theological education with its new LATT Discussion Forum, the latest iteration in several previous (print) publications from SCD with the same aim.

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