A ‘Theology of the Cross’ School Leader (Theology in Human Form) – Teaching Tactics

A Teaching Tactic from Andrew Jaensch, Australian Lutheran College.

The context

A postgraduate unit for Lutheran/ Christian School leaders (Education and Theology in dialogue). The unit is introduced in a three-day workshop and followed by online study over a semester.

The pedagogical purpose

There are two complementary purposes:

1. To help the students understand the theological concepts by describing their influence on the attitudes and actions of a school leader.
2. To allow them to identify real ways in which they can live out the theology in their leadership.

Description of the strategy

Within the context of a three-day workshop students are introduced to and practice dialogue between educational issues/practice and theology (with a focus on a Lutheran perspective).
Extended sessions are included on Creation Theology, Law and Gospel, and the theology of the cross. Over three days participants reflect on how these areas of theology can influence practice. On
the final day they work in groups to identify attitudes and actions of school leaders which reflect particular elements of the theology of the cross. They draw and write these on A3 sheets of paper
which are then assembled and posted on a wall as images of ‘a theology of the cross school leader’.

The groups gather around these and discuss.

Why is it effective?

It is effective because:

1. It brings together three days of learning into concrete practical action

2. It involves physical movement and a range of learning styles

3. Although promoting deep learning it has a fun element.

The title and template for ‘Teaching Tactics’ comes from a regular feature in the journal Teaching Theology and Religion.

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