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Postgraduate (Coursework) Courses

Domestic students

Domestic students can study the below postgraduate (coursework) courses at the colleges listed.

Postgraduate (Coursework)

  1. Bachelor of Ministry (Honours) (BMin(Hons))
  2. Bachelor of Theology (Honours) (BTh (Hons))
  3. Graduate Certificate in Arts (GradCertArts)
  4. Graduate Certificate in Leadership (GradCertLead)
  5. Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Supervision (GradCertPSupervision)
  6. Graduate Certificate in Theological Education (GradCertThEd)
  7. Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies (GradCertThSt)
  8. Graduate Diploma of Arts (GradDipArts)
  9. Graduate Diploma of Leadership (GradDipLead)
  10. Graduate Diploma of Professional Supervision (GradDipProfSupervision)
  11. Graduate Diploma of Theological Studies (GradDipThSt)
  12. Master of Arts (MA)
  13. Master of Leadership (MLead)
  14. Master of Professional Supervision (MProfSupervision)
  15. Master of Theological Studies (MThSt)
  16. Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  17. Master of Theology (MTh)

International students

International students can only study courses that are listed on CRICOS.

Postgraduate (Coursework)

  1. Graduate Certificate in Arts (CRICOS 082669J)
  2. Graduate Diploma of Arts (CRICOS 063707K)
  3. Master of Arts (CRICOS 063708J)
  4. Master of Divinity (CRICOS 063710D)
  5. Master of Theology (CRICOS 063709G)
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