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A domestic coursework Sydney College of Divinity student is designated as full-time if enrolled in three units (27 credit points) or more in a semester or part-time if enrolled in less than three units (27 credit points) per semester. International students are subject to the conditions of their Australian student visa and are required to maintain a full-time enrolment of 4 units (36 credit points) per semester, including a minimum of one unit per semester in face-to-face mode, and at least two-thirds of the total units in face-to-face mode.


Full-time study is available in all the colleges. Full-time study can be undertaken in class and through online units.

  1. Australian College of Christian Studies (Sydney and Perth Campuses)
  2. Australian College of Ministries
  3. Catholic Institute of Sydney
  4. Nazarene Theological College
  5. Nisibis Assyrian Theological College
  6. NSW College of Clinical Pastoral Education
  7. Planetshakers College
  8. SCD Graduate Research School
  9. SCD Korean School of Theology
  10. St Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College
  11. St Cyril's Coptic Orthodox Theological College


The New South Wales College of Clinical Pastoral Education (NSWCCPE) delivering courses in pastoral care and supervision is the only college that does NOT offer part-time study. You can study part-time with all our other colleges.

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