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Special Entry

A student may be admitted to a course on the basis of Special Entry. Such students might be:

  1. persons who have not yet reached mature age and who did not do the HSC or failed to meet the UAI or ATAR level. For example, a person under 20 years of age who did not do the HSC but has completed a trade certificate or equivalent;
  2. persons who have been educationally disadvantaged due to:
    • socio-economic reasons such as low-family income or poor living conditions;
    • language difficulties;
    • learning difficulties;
    • disrupted schooling;
    • physical disability;
    • serious family illness;
    • excessive family responsibility;
    • geographical isolation of home and/or school and lack of support, time or facilities for study at home or school.
  3. persons of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent who have not followed the normal HSC entry path;
  4. persons who were home schooled and show evidence of being able to manage tertiary study;
  5. students awaiting an IELTS result;
  6. persons who have completed a prescribed program of non-award study (4 units) and passed all units.

All Special Entry admissions are provisional.

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