SCD Press

Established in 2003, the SCD Press offers a significant program of publications, providing a range of peer-reviewed publication opportunities for SCD faculty, SCD research students, and other interested academics.

In addition to the Journal of Gospels and Acts Research, and the SCD Korean School of Theology’s Journal of Theological Reflections (articles are variously in Korean and English)SCD Press has reached an agreement with the editors of Early Christian Studies, previously published by the Australian Catholic University and St Pauls, Sydney, to take over publication of this important monograph series and to handle ongoing sales of the existing volumes. Successful SCD research theses may also be published by SCD Press.

The core Editorial Board of SCD Press consists of the academic staff based in the Office of the Dean, Prof. Diane Speed (Dean and CEO, Chair), Prof. James Harrison (Research Director), and Dr Peter Bolt (Academic Director), assisted by SCD management staff. As well as engaging expert readers for particular series and volumes, each series will have an Editorial Board with additional members with relevant expertise. In the case of Early Christian Studies, for example, the SCD core group has been joined by the series editors to this point: Prof. Pauline Allen (Australian Catholic University), Prof. Wendy Mayer (Australian Lutheran College), and Prof. Bronwen Neil (Macquarie University).

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