Organisation and Governance

The Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) is listed on the National Register of Higher Education Providers as a Higher Education Provider with Self-Accrediting Authority. ‘Sydney College of Divinity’ is the trading name of the Sydney College of Divinity Ltd, a public company limited by guarantee ACN 002 653 036. The Sydney College of Divinity organisation and governance is laid out in the Constitution and supported by wide-ranging policies and procedures.

The Sydney College of Divinity is a Higher Education Provider owned by an ecumenical consortium of private Christian colleges, which are its Member Institutions. Each Member Institution belongs to the Sydney College of Divinity by dint of a Memorandum of Understanding.

The College is governed by its Council as set out in the governance structure and membership of the SCD governance boards.


The Dean is appointed by the Council to lead the management of the Sydney College of Divinity both directly and through delegation to the Academic Director, the Research Director, the Academic Registrar, and the Chief Operating Officer, all located together with support staff in the Office of the Dean. The Dean leads the management of the Korean School of Theology by delegation to the Dean of Studies (Korean School of Theology).

The Dean has oversight of four committees and one advisory panel that support the work, variously, of Council and Academic Board.

Committees and Advisory Panel of the Dean

  • Academic Classification and Promotion Committee
  • Academic Classification and Promotion Appeals Committee
  • Research Ethics Committee
  • Library Committee
  • External Advisory Panel
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