The Sydney College of Divinity is broadly in the tradition of the University of London, which was established in 1836 as a non-teaching body to provide examinations for multiple colleges around England. When Higher Education was being introduced into Australia in the late 1840s, the promoters of the University of Sydney found this innovative multi-college model more attractive than that of the more ancient single-campus universities– especially as a way of allowing for the distinctives of the various Christian denominations to find a proper place within the university environment. In its organisational structure, the Sydney College of Divinity continues this tradition to the great advantage of its students.

The colleges are committed to sustaining a teaching program of excellence in Higher Education, integrating best practice in adult teaching and learning with a theological enterprise. They also seek to foster self-directed and lifelong learning among their students. This extends to actively encouraging graduates to engage in further study and research, both within the College and in other institutions of higher learning.

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