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International Students

About the SCD

The Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) is recognised by the Commonwealth Government as a Higher Education Provider, offering accredited higher education courses in theology and ministry. The College was established in 1983. It is an ecumenical consortium of seven Member Institutions approved to teach the awards of the College on its behalf. These awards range from two-year diplomas, three-year undergraduate degrees and coursework masters degrees, to masters and doctoral research degrees.

The Sydney College of Divinity is the legal entity that offers the courses and is responsible for all regulations relating to the courses of study that it owns. All of its awards are accredited by the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities. Many of its awards have also been accredited in Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia.

The SCD has a centrally devised and managed curriculum and a quality assurance process that is applied across the whole network of member institutions. The day-to-day education system is managed by the Dean from the College office in Sydney. The Academic Board and its Committees share this responsibility. The Academic Board oversees policy, regulation, review of units, and course structure for research, coursework and diploma awards.

The Academic Board and its committees comprise mostly principals or senior faculty members of member colleges. A number of senior university academics also sit on the Board and its committees to help ensure that the practice of the College (especially in the outcome of the consideration of research examiner’s reports and general academic policy) remains in line with best practice in the university sector.

The College is governed by a Council. Its members are drawn from college stakeholders and members of the public.

Study Options for International Students

The Sydney College of Divinity welcomes students from overseas to study at its member colleges which are authorized to accept international student enrolments.

The Sydney College of Divinity does not use agents to recruit and or administer overseas students.

In New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia the SCD is a registered Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) provider and the legal entity for all courses offered by member institutions in these states.

The CRICOS codes for these states are:

New South Wales : 02948J
Queensland : 02904K
Western Australia : 03284C

In New South Wales the following member institutions are endorsed to enrol overseas students:

In Queensland the following member institution is endorsed to enrol overseas students:

In Western Australia the following member institution is endorsed to enrol overseas students:

The following courses may be offered to international students:

State Provider Codes 02948J 02904K 03284C
Diploma of Theology 063702D 062617J
Diploma of Christian Studies  071257J  074097G
Associate Degree of Christian Thought and Practice  071256K  074098F
Bachelor of Theology  063703C  062620C
Bachelor of Theology (Korean medium)  063705A
Bachelor of Theology (Honours)  063704B  065392G
Graduate Certificate of Arts  063706M  065391J  074384M
Graduate Diploma in Arts  063707K  062628F  074386J
Master of Arts  063708J  062629E  074387G
Master of Divinity  063710D  065394F  074389F
Master of Theology  063709G  065393G  074388G
Master of Arts (Honours)  063711C
Master of Theology (Honours)  063712B
Doctor of Ministry  063714M
Doctor of Philosophy  063715K
Doctor of Theology  063716J



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