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Information Literacy Resources

The SCD is committed to providing appropriate support for learners in learning with technologies, including instruction in information literacy. We work to help both faculty and students to improve their digital and information literacy skills which are important for success in teaching and learning in our digital world.

What is Information Literacy?

Information literacy is another way of saying that you know how to search for information and that you know what to do with the information that you find.  It involves these 5 elements:Know what you need for your report, research paper or project: books, journal articles, newspaper articles or encyclopedia information.

1.  Determine the extent and nature of the information needed.

2.  Locate the information you need in: the catalog (books), general and subject databases (articles of all types). Access the needed information efficiently and effectively.

3.  Evaluate the information you’ve found for: accuracy, authority and applicability. Evaluate information and its sources critically.

4.  Turn the information into a group project or an individual paper. Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose, individually or as a member of a group.

5.  Demonstrate ethical use of the information by citing your sources in the appropriate format. Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and      access and use information ethically and legally.

Where to find help

As most of our colleges are relatively small, our students can benefit from individually oriented advice and guidance from our teaching faculty and our professional librarians.

  • Librarians: Each Member Institution of the SCD has a well-equipped library and at least one professional librarian who is trained to help students (and faculty members) to access the information they need for learning.  Our librarians love to help students and you will be surprised at how much they know if you take the time to ask them.  For contact details for your librarian you can visit your Member Institution Website or download the SCD Library Brochure.


  • Orientation & Study Skills sessions: Each Member Institution offers orientation sessions and study skills guidance  for students.  These will vary from one institution to another and you should contact your Member Institution to find out the details.  We recommend that you participate in any orientations or study skills sessions that are available – you will find the advice invaluable in your study, particularly if you have not studied for a while.


  • Your lecturers and tutors will also be able to provide you with guidance and direction on how to find information, what sources are reliable, how to critically analyse sources, and how to use the information you find to develop quality papers or other learning projects.  Advice from your lecturers and tutors will be mostly embedded within the individual subjects that you enrol in.


  • Distance and Online students are also catered for. We try to ensure that our information literacy, orientation and study skills sessions are all available for distance and online students.  Below are some resources that you can work through individually in your own time.  You should check with your Member Institution about what is available to you as a distance student.


Some suggested resources for you to explore: