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Methodism in Australia


Methodism in Australia: A History 

Glen O’Brien and Hilary Carey, eds.

Farnham: Ashgate, 2015



Methodism has played a major role in all areas of public life in Australia but has been particularly significant for its influence on education, social welfare, missions to Aboriginal people and the Pacific Islands and the role of women. Drawing together a team of historical experts, Methodism in Australia presents a critical introduction to one of the most important religious movements in Australia’s settlement history and beyond



Leading Multicultural Teams


Leading Multicultural Teams

Evelyn and Richard Hibbert

William Carey Library, 2014.


Churches and mission agencies are increasingly characterized by cultural diversity. As a result, many  Christians find themselves working as part of a multicultural team. This book integrates insights from  the Bible, team theory, leadership, and intercultural studies to explain how leaders of multicultural teams can help their teams become enriching and enjoyable  contexts to work in, at the same time as achieving their purpose.

William Carey Library

Electronic Copy


Purity: Essays in Bible and Theology

Purity: Essays in Bible and Theology

Edited by Andrew Brower Latz and Arseny Ermakov

PICKWICK Publications
An imprint of WIPF and STOCK Publishers


In ancient religion and societies the concept of purity was of central importance; in many modern societies it is either irrelevant or, when it is used, attached to extremely conservative agendas. This suggests an interesting story to be told within the history of ideas and, at the same time, raises questions about the place, meaning, and use of purity in religious traditions. What does purity mean in different scriptural contexts? Is it synonymous with holiness or different? How has it been used within various strands of theology?
What should we make of it today? Have we moderns, by discarding purity as an organizing social form, lost something essential or made a significant moral advance? Or both? This volume begins to address these questions in essays on biblical genres and books and different theological traditions. Accessibly written and incisive in its scholarship, it will be of interest to both specialists and nonspecialists alike.



Learning and Teaching Theology  Learning and Teaching Theology : Some Ways Ahead

  Edited by Les Ball and James R. Harrison

   Morning Star Publishing



This book is a companion volume to the 2012 publication Transforming  Theology. Student Experience and Transformative Learning in Undergraduate  Theological Education (Mosaic Press 2012).  That work detailed the research undertaken across numerous higher educational providers of theological awards and its  findings have spawned many subsequent explorations of the issues raised.

 The purpose of this volume is to present some contemporary thinking and innovative practices in the  field and so to encourage further such development within the theological community.


Curnow - CoverThe Preferential Option for the Poor: A Short History and a Reading Based on the Thought of Bernard Lonergan

Rohan Curnow

Marquette University Press: Marquette Studies in Theology, 2014

Lonergan scholar Frederick Crowe once noted that the topic of Bernard Lonergan and liberation theology can seem like Melchizedek, that is, without either contextual father or mother. The same, of course, goes for Lonergan and the Preferential Option for the Poor.  J. B. Metz once criticized Karl Rahner’s transcendental turn for sidestepping the messiness of human history, or – as he famously put it – “winning the race without running it.” Can the same be said of Lonergan? Is Lonergan’s work irrelevant to those who are committed to the Option for the Poor?



DelNevo _COver

The Metaphysics of Night: Recovering Soul, Renewing Humanism

Matthew Del Nevo

Transaction Publishers, 2014

The Metaphysics of Night acknowledges a post-secular philosophy, one that puts philosophy into serious dialogue with religion, rather than considering religion a thing of the past. Matthew Del Nevo deals with the cultural unconscious, inseparable from religious consciousness, and draws on psychoanalysis and literature as well as philosophy. The metaphysics of the night is Del Nevo’s metaphor for the deep and mysterious expanse of the soul.



Laughlin_cover  Jesus and the Cross : Necessity, Meaning and Atonement

  Peter Laughlin

Princeton Theological Monograph Series, Vol. 28

Pickwick Publications, 2014

According to the Nicene Creed, Christ died for us and for our salvation. But while all Christians agree that Christ’s death and resurrection has saving signicance, there is little unanimity in how and why that is the case. In fact, Christian history is littered with various accounts of the redemptive value of Christ’s death.



Nutt_Cover  Enmore Incorporated: Pioneers of Churches of Christ in New South Wales

  Harold Hayward and Dennis Nutt

  Freshhope, 2014

“Joseph Kingsbury, the pioneer of the church that met first at Newtown in 1856, and from 1886 at nearby Enmore, expressed the hope that the church would one day contain “fifty brethren, head of businesses and families, who would place a piece gold in the treasury, so that we should be able to…..send out five good men to preach the gospel to all this land”.


This book tells the stories of some of the men at Newtown/Enmore who were heads of businesses and families. The close connection between businesses and families inspired the title of the book Enmore Incorporated. Although it describes the early years of the church it is not a history of that church.


Following early years of struggle Newtown/Enmore became a formidable church and greatly influenced the development of Churches of Christ in NSW and the establishment of its Conference. Some of those influences are touched upon.



Between the ‘Mysticism of Politics’ and the ‘Politics of Mysticism’

David Ranson

ATF Press, 2013



Art Music: Love, Listening and Soulfulness

Matthew Del Nevo

Transaction Publishers, 2013



OBrien bookcover
Christian Worship: A Theological and Historical Introduction

Glen A. O’Brien

Mosaic Resources, 2013




Sydney Theological Reflections, Volume 1, Feb 2013

A joint publication of the SCD Korean Faculty

This new journal contains articles from Dr Honam Kim, Rev Jin Tae Bae, Dr Young Jang, Rev Barnabas Joo, Rev Sang Jin Lee, Rev Yong Tai In, Rev Kilbok Hong, Rev Seongming An, Rev Hokyung Kang, and Rev David Chon.




Baptists in Australia: A Church with a Heritage and a Future

Philip J Hughes & Darren Cronshaw

Christian Research Association, 2013



 Educating Hearts: Seven Characteristics of a Good School

Anthony Maher & Bob Hanley

St Pauls,2013


Understanding the Old Testament

Honam Kim

Bookorea, 2012



 Transforming Theology: Student experience and transformative learning in undergraduate theological education

Les Ball

Mosaic Resources, 2012



Paul and the Imperial Authorities at Thessalonica and Rome: A Study in the Collision of Ideology

James R. Harrison

Mohr Siebeck: Tübingen, 2011


New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity, Volume 10

J.R. Harrison, edited with S.R. Llewelyn,   Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2012