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Professional Development in the SCD

The SCD promotes a culture of lifelong learning and continuous improvement. All faculty are expected to engage in Professional Development within their MI, within the SCD, and at their own initiative. Faculty members are expected to keep a record of all professional development activities.

SCD Professional Development Workshops

The SCD provides three Professional Development workshops each year which all faculty are expected to attend. These are coordinated by the SCD Professional Development Committee. Faculty members can attend these sessions in person, or online via web-conferencing. Recordings of the sessions are also available.

The three workshops are usually held over an afternoon session of 3 hours (1:30-4:30pm) and follow an annual cycle:

March: New Faculty Induction & Curriculum Issues

May: Research & Scholarship

September:  Learning & Teaching Issues

In addition, two workshops on Online Learning and Teaching are held each year prior to the May and September afternoon sessions.

Access recordings of SCD Professional Development Workshops

Member Institution Professional Development

Member Institutions organise Professional Development for their own faculty and other staff, based on staff and institutional needs and interests.

Self-directed learning

All staff are encouraged to engage in extending their skills and knowledge in a variety of ways. You are encouraged to subscribe to academic journals, online newsletters or communities of practice relevant to your discipline and interests and to share these with others. If you have particular journals that you would like to recommend that your college subscribe to, talk with your college librarian.

The SCD supports self-learning by distributing a regular internal electronic newsletter to faculty: “Transforming Teaching”. You can access current and archived copies here: SCD Newsletter

A range of self-directed online learning resources are available to faculty.  These include:

  • SCD Induction for new faculty
  • How to design an engaging online course
  • How to design assessment

You will need a password to access these resources.  If you don’t have a password please contact the Distance and Online Learning Coordinator at the Office of the Dean to obtain a password.