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Learning and Teaching in the SCD

When we talk about Learning and Teaching we are really discussing curriculum.

Our curriculum is the set of activities that are geared towards the achievement of the SCD’s educational goals. This includes:

1. SCD Strategic Planning

2.  Curriculum Design. The foundations of our curriculum are the rationale for each course and the rationale and learning outcomes for each of the disciplines and subdisciplines.

3. The content and sequence of course units and the ways we adapt the course unit outlines to produce the Course Unit Booklet each time we teach a unit.

4. Learning activities including those designed to develop knowledge, skills, application of knowledge and skills, and personal and spiritual formation.

5. The learning and teaching resources we use to deliver our course units.

6. The ways we assess student learning.

7. Adjusting our learning and teaching processes by using (a) our judgement on how successful our teaching has been and (b) feedback from students and peers.

8. Our professional development activities.


The SCD Academic Director and the SCD Learning and Teaching Committee have oversight of these issues.

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